In our day to day world practically all knowledge is distorted and simply not true. Facts are hard to come by they are often made up. We do have access to all knowledge but it certainly isn’t on the internet, at least not yet.

I talk a lot about scientific method being objective and therefore only a part of the answer. Science given free rain would be a marvellous thing but it isn’t. Those who control it restrict it to being just a cerebral processes. They dismiss and ridicule anything that isn’t scientific by their standards. It is a part of our programming and how we are trained. I missed out on that because I am untrainable. I am dyslectic. I can’t obey the rules.

I have found my intuition to be my strongest attribute. I use it before all others. Sometimes I’m not even aware of what I’m doing, I may reject overtures of friendship for no reason. I find out why retrospectively. It protects me. It is spontaneous. I found it very useful when I was in business. I don’t have to think to do it but that is only my reality. Everybody is different. You need to find your own balance.

We collect information through our senses. Now science would say that we have five, we do but we have many others too perhaps twelve. I wont go into that know I don’t know enough about it yet but it would make sense. I do many things that cannot be explained, far too many to be just an additional sixth sense. But rationalising me is a waste of time. I am organised but not by other peoples standards. I have no structure other than that I am spontaneous. I’m sharing my own experience in order that you explore yours for yourself not to impose my lifestyle on you.

In order to find things out I simply ask – telepathically. I don’t know who answers but I usually get one. I may start a conversation.

Who with?

I have no idea. I haven’t asked.

It could be my higher self or perhaps a guide, sometimes Mother Earth. I talk to all sorts. The feeling of the answer immediately tells me if its of the light or not. A dark being won’t get past my portal, I sense them instantly. That doesn’t stop them trying. They are persistent if not creative.

I function at an ordinary level too and now that I am older I have noticed that reality as it is taught changes. Each generation is focused in a different way. The control systems likes to pigeon hole. We are baby boomers, gen x’s or more recently millennials. We are fiercely restrained by these labels. It’s just another level of control. Ignore it.

We are individuals and can each play a solo part. We all contribute, we each have our own speciality. We do best what we love most. For me at the moment that is writing. I also love music and art and….. I wont restrict my self. We can be anything we want, all it takes is knowing. Knowing who we are which is unbounded. We are each a part of Source and our actions are Source experiencing itself. We are the Light. Dark beings are merely beings who have cut themselves off from the Light. The dark cannot create and does not make anything. It tries to distort our very nature but that is all it can do. Once you know who you are it has no power over you.

P.S. I was talking to someone today and could sense there was more than one. I asked them who they were and they told me guardians. I was none the wiser at the time but at least I had a name. When using telepathy I have never ever needed or used names, it doesn’t work like that. It is much more personal and names are irrelevant. It’s like playing in a band. You don’t need to know who you are playing with in order to make great music.

But now that I had a name I came across this on a friends website.

The Guardian Alliance
The Galactic Federation or Federation of Free Worlds stick to a non-intervention rule. The guardian group partially disagrees. They state that non-intervention only works when nobody intervenes. If another party does, however, intervene, then standing by and letting them intervene makes you an accomplice to their intervention by allowing it to happen. So they advocate counter-intervention and even pre-emptive counter-intervention in those cases where others are intervening, or are about to do so. This breakaway group contains members of Arcturus, Korender, Procyon, Alcyone and others. Some authors refer to this breakaway group as ‘ the Alliance.’

The third group watching over this process is that group you call the Guardians. This group is from the octave above our own and serves in this manner as light-bringers. These Guardians provide the precise emissions of light/love in exquisitely fastidious disseminations of discrimination so that the precise light/love vibration of each entity may be ascertained.
I have had direct personal contact with the Guardian Alliance (GA) since childhood, which included the experience of “conscious fetal integration” (spirit entering the fetus) and open (though fragmented) reincarnational memory since my physical birth in September of 1964. In infancy the Guardians would frequently interact with me in dreams, and occasionally they would visit me as conscious “Light Orbs” that I could physically see while I was awake.

I have seen blue orbs very often, usually when I am at an important change point in my spiritual growth. That could mean every day or sometimes not for years. I also have fragmented reincarnational memory.

I am now exploring the limits of what I can do internally. I can find out anything I like. I have stopped writing this blog in a linier manner but am adding to the information it contains on a daily basis.


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