We are all learning all the time. If you only use your head you simply won’t have enough room to assimilate all the new information that we have coming.

We carry a heavy load of ideas and opinions. We establish a framework of knowing. Unfortunately the way we have been taught is that we take on and integrate other peoples ideas, second hand knowledge. Plenty of it is disinformation. You may think me foolish to discount all the incredible discoveries and millions of man/women hours put into our heritage but…. and it is a big BUT, it is mostly outdated anyway. It is only historical.

All knowledge is inter related and time relevant. Let me give you an example:

On the equinox at six in the evening the sun is on the horizon – mid winter it is already dark – mid summer the sun is still high in the sky. These three positions depend on the time of year as well as the time of day. We understand this and can work out the relative gradations for any given day but don’t need to do that. We may notice or not as we drive home stuck in traffic on our daily commute. Perhaps this is the time when we go for a walk to watch the sun set. It is part of our day whether we notice or not. We don’t need to work it out and understand what is happening. This is because we are used to it. It is part of our environment. If we lived on a planet with two suns we would adapt to it. We are flexible. We should be flexible about everything but we aren’t.

Some of us just know because we are tuned in. I don’t need a watch, I’ve never used one, initially because I couldn’t read them although I learned how eventually. I can do it for someone who is stuck in linier time but operate quite well in the now, without one.

How many clock makers do you know?  With the advent of digital time in its numerous manifestations their profession has almost disappeared.  The one I knew became a science fiction writer. He adapted because he had to. It happened to me too. With the advent of GPS and satellite photography my own profession as a cartographer became so easy it was no longer a challenge. A child could do it.

This is a common story. If you work in a shop you don’t need to work out the change, it is done for you. When I was young and briefly sold things for a living I got very good at doing it in my head. That was in the days of pounds, shillings and pence. Working out the change also changed the way my brain worked. If you do that kind of mental gymnastics with customers who probably quicker than you are, you have to get up to speed or they notice. It’s of no use to me now. Most things we have learned are soon going to be equally obsolete.

Most professions and trades are going to be replaced. That is not a bad thing but part of our growth. It applies equally to our learning systems. Most of us have learned in a conventional education but practically all of that is useless or soon will be. The technical advances mean we have 24 hr access to almost any knowledge. Most things don’t need to be learned we just look them up as we need them. We don’t need to fill our brains with facts and theories. We only need to learn how to find what is appropriate and to apply it.

It applies equally to esoteric knowledge. We only have a tiny glimpse of where we are going. We don’t need to take the past with us. We are better off leaving it behind. Let everything go and you have room for new ideas, new ways to enjoy living.

I was corresponding with someone who came across my site because of something else I was writing. He was interested but very cautious; was I for real? He didn’t think that could be possible. I tried to communicate but my words appeared to scare him. He wanted proof of what I was saying.

He didn’t really want me to supply proof he wanted a let out. I tried to appeal to his brain which was all that he was using. My logic was simple but required him to change his thought processes in order to engage. What I said was beyond his comprehension and he ran away rather the risk contamination. I don’t blame him. He couldn’t go to where I am and dismissed me as fake. We all do that. We go to our limit then back off. That is how we have been taught to behave, anything unfathomable is ridiculed. The media is very good at that.

I have learned that there is an alternative. We can remain open. If we don’t have a philosophy, religion, dogma, way of thinking we can accept anything. We can learn to feel the truth, to discern the part that is relevant to us. We find that using our heart. It is big enough to encompass everything.


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