Let there Be Light

Lightworkers hum….

It doesn’t even come close to the potency of who we are.

I had an experience recently that I didn’t understand. I was reading about New Zealand being part of the escape route for the elite running away from justice in America and Europe. They head here especially to the south island which they tried to buy at one time but that didn’t happen. It has a very small population not much more than a million. Big American warships were arriving. They are not American but belong to the dark navy. That perhaps is conjecture but closer than you may think. The global high speed underground railway system is no longer in dark hands.

Anyway bad guys cometh here. It’s a small place with few resources but don’t forget the people. New Zealand is progressive and has a history of being first. Lots of cool things. If your wise you don’t mess up here. It’s a tiny nation and they’re friendly but they’re not weak. They have a strong sense of what is right and are very honest. That gives them power.

When I next meditated I did something about it, not a conscious level thing, more a light level action. I felt New Zealand and felt these huge balls of light erupt into mini suns throughout both islands. It is about the only way to describe it. I stimulated it, triggered it somehow. I thought these might be energy centres, vortexes perhaps. I am in tune with them and can sometimes get them going. I do this sort of thing not all the time but occasionally. The light was brilliant white and very distinctive. I figured it would put the bad guys off if nothing else, they wouldn’t like the energy and move on down to Antarctica.

I deal with things like this when they grab my attention. Anyway I forgot about it.

A few weeks later I was participating in a huge global meditation; there was action required as well as Being. I was following the procedure when it happened again. Cool I thought I can do this globally. I had a very similar experience. These huge balls of brilliant white light exploded all around the Earth to light up the entire planet. I was linked in with them somehow it forms a grid. Again it puzzled me what they were.

Later on I worked it out I had a cognition; they are people, Hu mans. Light Beings.
Watch out! Things are going to happen we’re beginning to light up.

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