My last post was about death intended to give you a practical understanding of how it works, well this one is the opposite.

You only live once. Perhaps.

You do because you never actually die, only those bodies that can’t go higher remain behind and decay. You go on for ever or for as long as you choose. The fear porn of only one lifetime is very funny. People who believe that are in for a bit of a surprise. Mind you they probably wont even notice. That is the way the system is rigged, minimum discomfort. Life is ruled by Light. No fear is required.

How do I know that? I remember.

The oldest, or rather the first lifetime I remember if you want this in linier time, was when we arrived at the Earth by star ship. The most contemporary was as a writer in the 18th century. I also remember being a Blackfoot in North America which was thousands of years ago, we lived on the edge of one of the Great Lakes. I have had lives in Italy and Minoan Crete, Austria and all over especially here in New Zealand where I remember several very different eras, some fairly recent others from way back when Mu was the main cultural centre. I have been to many places, I have remote viewed the experience of what people call inner Earth. It is very beautiful as are the star ships. Living on a planet is only one option, we have others.

None of this really matters, all that is important is that we enjoy what ever life we have. To do that you need balance. Its very hard to be frightened when you’re laughing all the time. Fear is spread and engendered mainly by the ignorant. That includes those who claim to be rational. They don’t know but make assumptions based on other peoples opinions.

Science tells us that our magnetic field is moving. It’s happened many times before and is overdue. Of course that is a bad thing or is it. What if something new is happening something that has never happened here before. An ascended solution can only benefit. All the scary scenarios are just more fear porn. We are well and truly looked after especially by Mother Earth. The journey we take here is not about gaining enlightenment. We already have that. You may have forgotten but that is only a temporary experience. We chose to forget who we are in order to learn about the process. To do that we need to become Self reliant. That will bring you into personal balance.

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