Living in 5D

I’m exploring the new way of being in 5D rather than three. It has it’s moments because the gap between the mind and your awareness is difficult to bridge. I am learning how to do it but it makes communicating with other people a little hard.

Thinking is now way too slow. When I try to do it it takes ages, sometimes minutes for words to arrive. It can be hard and may make me appear stupid but that’s not really a problem, not to me anyway. I can slow down enough to communicate when I have to.

When I write I don’t think at all – I let go – I am in the moment. That is rather fun, it’s like watching a book write itself and reading it at the same time. This talent is not restricted to writing and I can do it when speaking too. What I say is often a revelation to me. I listen as I say things. Communicating from the heart rather than the head. When I write I don’t have to work out complex plots or define characters because that is all taken care of. I just need to tidy things up a little when I’m finished. I am not clever enough to handle half a dozen plot lines all running through several different books anyway. It amazes my editor when things all come together but I am used to it now.

I have been quoted when I write like this but not necessarily acknowledged as the source. People probably don’t think the words come from me. That’s OK expanded vision really comes from Source. I have noticed that people are starting to catch up fast. Things I have been saying for ages are now in peoples awareness. I have moved on but it’s fun to see. I may have been a little ahead, that is my role but we are all going the same way at last.

There is plenty that you can do with our new abilities.

I have been talking to my body. Not body talk, that a rather crude attempt at communication. I have been tuning in to the bodies awareness. It’s part of who you are. I inquired what it would like to do. I was curious and wondered what it enjoyed about the physical world it is. To my astonishment it likes to go high. It enjoys elevated states of consciousness just like me. We are in harmony.

You can ask your body to do things, it has full control and can do almost anything but you need to be careful. I decided to remove all toxic substances anything that was not life supporting. The body was quite happy to do that but warned me that it might be a little uncomfortable. It was. I thought I had a bladder infection! It was quite nasty but only lasted for a few days. People have noticed that my eyes are now very clear and white and I feel really well. I am getting stronger every day. I or rather my body still has a lot of work to do because I have been badly beaten up over the years and especially recently.

I decided to remove any implants or symbiotic creatures that were of the dark. I had a lump in my shin about the size of a pea which has been there for years – it’s gone now. I have pointed it out to doctors but it was always ignored. It seemed to generate an invisibility field of some sort. People I have told about it could feel it when I pointed it out but it sometimes disappeared. It was very odd but as I say it’s gone.

I may play around and upgrade my brain but it’s hard to get enthusiastic about doing that. Most of the feeling comes from the energy of Silence and that is not thoughts.

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