Love and Light

In New Age speak ‘in love and light’ is used all the time as a way of closing a missive. I thought I would look into it.

Not by researching it outside but by looking inside to get my answers. It is therefore coloured by me. I am more comfortable on starships than sitting around a campfire. I AM in tune with Earth’s essence and not that interested in the surface value. I like to keep things clear and really simple.

Love is your very nature, Light is the manifestation of Love in all of creation.

Love is everything that IS, all of creation and creativity.

We live in duality but what is that?

Let me define the dark first.

The dark is an anomaly – the absence of light. It has no substance or creativity.

Duality is where the dark and the light meet.

For those of you who haven’t integrated your darkness yet. You actually don’t have to. It is or was a part of waking up but we have moved beyond that now. You can still do it if you want to but it isn’t that important. The Light is shining brightly enough that this process happens very quickly and you probably wont even notice. You shine regardless of who you think you are.

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