Love is all that there is. There is nothing else.

All of creation is manifest Love, it becomes Light. Light then is the basis of everything and is based on vibration. When you vibrate anything it creates sound. We resonate with Creation and the Creator and is something we can experience. It is a journey, one that I have made or should say have started, none of us has got there yet. It is intended that we all arrive together. We are a collective experience.

My exploration of where we are going has given understanding and a view that doesn’t fit with where we have been. I share it knowing that some will not be able to go there – not yet anyway. What we leave behind are those things that don’t serve any more. For some that may be challenging.

When I was in my early thirties I had everything removed all at once, health, wealth, home, family, you name it I lost it. It was the start of my personal expansion. All my props where kicked away suddenly, all those things I relied on to get through my day. After thirty or more years of hard work I am self sufficient but the journey is only just beginning. I look back with fondness to the experience but it was monumentally hard. I can also see now that it needed to be. It has given me understanding.

Where we are all going is beautiful and fulfilling but we need to drop most of the things we consider important.

The first of these is on the way out anyway and wont be as hard to let go, that is money. It is a way of exchanging energy but has been used to bind us, to tie us into limited awareness and a brutal way of functioning. It is not a bad thing, it is neutral, but is no longer necessary. When you can have anything you want without having to purchase it then it will no longer be part of the exchange. There is technology already available that will enable all of us to have anything. We are very nearly ready. The old system we live under is busy collapsing and will be replaced with prosperity but that is only an interim step. Eventually we can stop using money altogether and give of ourselves freely. It is what I do here. We can each share our gifts without expectation. It is very enjoyable.

The next thing we can drop is politics. It is a game of division, something we don’t need either. As a collective we can each have a say and cooperate in all decision making. That is our responsibility too. At the moment we are told we are represented but anybody who has explored this arena will know that it is not actually true. We don’t need a hierarchy. Our leaders will serve others not climb over them to serve themselves. Nothing need be centralised and every small area can be autonomous. Ideological? Yes. We deserve the best.

The next may be more difficult. It depends on your programming. Religion wont be necessary. When you have personal experience, you wont need an intermediary to tell you how to behave. At the moment the best religion can manage is guidance. We can do much better than that. We can have an intimate daily, personal relationship. There are many arguments here but I wont go into them, it wont make things any clearer. All I can say is just wait….

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