Magic does happen

I have blogging a lot about how to make things happen for your Self.
Now that is all very well but does it really work?

Yes it does. One of the reasons I haven’t written anything for a while is because I have been busy moving house.

This story started about two years ago. We had taken in a friend who needed some serious nurturing. He had been in a very abusive relationship and needed a lot of help both to leave his difficult situation and also to heal so that he could even function. He was in a very bad way. We knew we had to help him. It wasn’t easy, it took all our attention for a couple of months but that is what we felt we had to do. Part of the journey with him was to give him a vision of what he could do and be. He has realised that and is out there sharing his full potential. He is a very powerful healer.

We weren’t looking for a new house we had a very nice place thank you very much but it was a little crowded with him living with us. We talked of getting a bigger place where we could all live together. We wanted him to feel comfortable. We noticed a house in the local paper that had all the things we would need. It was priced at 1.9 million dollars. We ignored that, we had no money. We had enough to pay the rent and put food on the table. We got by. We had enough but nothing spare, no money in the bank. Anyway we all jumped in the car and went and had a look at this big property. Yes it was really great. Perfect we said we will manifest it and jumped back in the car and drove away. We forgot about it.

Now two years later we’re living in it.

Now how did that happen. Don’t ask me but it just did. We are renting it and it’s quite affordable. It’s also quite fantastic.

I am not trying to impress you I won’t bore you with all the details but it is a perfect place for us. I am just stating what happened. We created it – very easily.

You don’t need anything, not money not luck, not good karma, not anything. You just need the imagination to envisage what you want.
If you follow the process I have outlined in my previous blogs this can happen for you. You won’t know how or when but it will happen.

Now I hear why did it take two years to manifest?

Because that was the perfect timing. In retrospect we weren’t ready until now, we still had things to do where we were. It is a special place with a very high energy and we have work to do there. That work is finished. We now have a much better space with all the facilities we need to move forwards with lots of big new projects. The new place if anything is even more powerful than the last. We are where we are supposed to Be.

So yes it does work – magic does happen.

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