Making magic happen

OK so you want to change the way you live.
The first thing to do is nothing.

Yes nothing at all.
You have to stop what you are doing before you can do something new. You need to re-focus.

Think of it like driving a car and you are in reverse going backwards quite fast. If you are not doing what you want then you are going backwards. It’s probably why you keep bumping into things and having uncomfortable experiences. All your energy is translating your desires in the wrong direction.

Looking backwards is hard, its a strain on the neck and not how you are supposed to live.

You need to stop and take a rest and get reorientated. Put the brakes on, put the clutch in and the gear to neutral, put your car in park. Turn and look the other way.
You need to be still.
Once you are settled then you can start to move forwards.

So how do you do that?

Easy sit and Be.
Don’t meditate, don’t think, just BE.
Allow what ever comes.

Observe what is going on around you but don’t interact with it. Take as long as you like… there is no rush. This is your life you can do what ever you want.

When you feel a big breath leave your body that means you have relaxed.
Don’t force it but wait until it comes. You can Be here as long as you need to Be. It will come.

When it does breathe in deeply and then let that big breath go. Let all your worries fears anxieties and pains fly out with that breath.
Let your body dictate the pace. Keep breathing deep slow breaths until you feel really comfortable.

Let your eyes close naturally and stay with how you feel. What ever comes let it come.


Now what do you want, what needs to change who do you want to be. What are your desires for your Self, your family, your world.

Allow things to come and go, examine anything you like. What needs do you have that you haven’t dared to talk about.
Feel into what you want. Notice the things that are important to you.
Don’t think how, don’t think when, don’t think, everything is possible.
Just daydream about what you would really like.
Do this until your eyes open by themselves and then get up slowly and forget about what you just did.

That is all there is to it.
You won’t know when or how but you have just changed your life.

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