Making things happen by writing

There are a lot of things written down. Did you know this can also make them happen? The ones who used to be in control of us have been using this to their advantage for a very long time.

Before I started writing I was once told by my business partner that I could not write, should not write and that if there was anything to write that he would write it for me. I am extremely dyslexic and his reaction was fairly typical but telling me I can’t do something is a futile waste of breath. It only stimulates my interest.

I considered his words on my drive home. I was living in the UK on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon but our studios were in London. I didn’t need to go often but London was four hours away on a good day. That meant I had plenty of time to think about what he had said. I decided I would check out this writing thing, it couldn’t be that hard….

I had been working with the Els for about a year or so at this time and was living with their energy. Their influence on my thinking was very powerful. I had been wanting to start something creative and positive for a long time. I needed a screenplay for an idea I had for an animated film. It didn’t occur to me that making a film is a big undertaking. I was doing huge things all the time.

My business was going well and looked likely to be a big success. We were years ahead of any competition. We could provide music and video and even sell things on 3G mobile phones anywhere in the world. We had worked out how to attach a photo to a text message and send from a phone to a website. This was in 2001 before anyone even had 3G up and running. We were leading the field.

The iPod hadn’t even been invented. What most people take for granted now we could do way back then. There was a lot of interest. I was doing well and had a lot of money coming – sometime soon. Actually never because I walked away from the project but that is a rather long story in itself….

At the time I thought I needed something worth while to spend some of my coming millions on. I had tried asking professional writers to do the writing for me but none of them seemed to comprehend what I asked them for. What they wrote was what they knew. My idea required a radically different mindset. I realized that if I wanted a new approach I would have to write it myself. My business partner’s comment simply stimulated me to try.

I was appalled by what the film industry, especially Hollywood had been churning out. There was no positive and uplifting work in the mainstream. I presumed it was because it wasn’t commercial. I was a bit naive in those days. I had no idea that there were people who steered the media and controlled the creative world just as much as they controlled the banks and every other part of lives.

I started to write the screenplay in my spare time. A computer is essential for a dyslexic, without one I can’t write at all, at least nothing comprehensible by anyone else. I had plenty of computers but no laptop which meant I could only write at home. I used the journey to and from London to feel out my plot. I say feel because I don’t plan my writing I just do it.

I usually left London late at night but that meant I often arrived home early in the morning with a head full of ideas. I sometimes wrote until the sun came up or I was interrupted by my first phone call of the day. It was fun.

If you have read my books you will know that the first book starts at a watermill. Within a few months of writing about it I was living at a water mill.

At the time it didn’t mean anything. It was just a coincidence and useful. I could walk about in the mill and see if what I had written worked.

I wrote about a festival in the opening scene. Just before I moved to the watermill I was on my usual walk up the Teign valley in the gorge below Drogo Castle. This was to be the location I had in mind for the opening of my film. It was mid summer and I walked into the field that I thought would be good for a festival. It was full of big tents with flags and bunting ready for a summer fair. It was as I had described it. It was fun but again I didn’t think any more about it.

This pattern has repeated over and over. I now live in a place very like my book. The local area and people are straight out of its pages. There is even a big annual festival.

People here think I used the area and its people as my inspiration but I finished writing my first book in 2004, two years before I set foot in New Zealand.

Now where am I going with this?

Have you ever wondered why most books, films, computer games etc are violent and horrific. Yes the good guy always wins but most of the story is about his constant struggle. He is always a loner and women seldom count. Aliens are bad guys who come in war not peace. Our conceptions of ourselves is directed not reflected.

Most block busters are very predictable. There will always be a big explosion, shooting and a car chase normally all at the same time. There is seldom anything original and the patterns are always repeated be it a chick flick, an animation or any other genre. There is a formula for each one. Originality is very rare. Even Avatar is fundamentally cowboys and indians in space no matter how wonderful the graphics are.

It is not simply that we are being indoctrinated what to expect. What is put out there often happens. It is in fact created. The old world order has used our gifts against us. They have used the laws of creation to keep us under control using fear as their main weapon. The put up the scenario and because we see it their way that is what most people create.

The fun thing about all this is that as we wake up we can reverse the trend and use it to our own advantage.

The big secret is the emotional content. Writing something down is not enough. It does have some power but needs an additional emotional push to help it manifest. Desire at a soul level is a very potent force. When I wrote my books I tapped into the desire within myself for a wholesome world. I also totally believed what I was writing. It is as real to me as the world I see around me. Now I live in it.

If you have read any on my other posts you will already know that my world is a pretty strange one. I enjoy sharing the magic I participate in on a daily basis.

My books have been a very useful outlet. They take my journey a whole stage further. The second book explores were I think we are going and the third… well I won’t give that story away. Now I know how this thing works I am having some real fun with it.

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