Five easy steps to manifesting anything

If you are open to new ideas and have been looking around the web you have probably come across the phrase ‘to manifest’. In this context I mean to magnetize or bring something into your life. To create a new reality.

There are many experts in this field. You may have come across the Secret which was a much hyped revelation. It tells you that this is possible but it doesn’t really give you exact and easy practical information of how to do it, or how it works. The writers may disagree and I am sure the producers made a lot of money which means it worked for them. But I didn’t really understand it even after having seen it several times. I prefer my instructions sharp and clear.

In order to do that I need to explain how it works. If you get it, it can literally change how you think. That is happening at the moment so perhaps it is an appropriate time. I am going to use an analogy to make it easier to understand.

Our human body is a marvelous thing. The control systems are second to none. Our human brain is as good as all the computers that we know about on this planet all put together and working as one.

Most people use their brain to analyse and make sense of their environment and to plan. It has many autonomous systems. Our senses are its main input devices and they feed data which is interpreted and then fed to us. This tells us where we are, how comfortable our body is – lots of things. It manages and regulates the body too. We also use it to project ideas consider different actions. It has other inputs that are not understood or discussed. But our physical body is only part of the system that is us. We are part of a whole. We create our immediate environment minute by minute because we are a point of awareness that feeds back to the source of all. Our collective consciousness also impinges on our environment but we can influence this.

Our brain is not our main computer it is only our local computer. We have access to a much bigger beast. The brain is very small in comparison.

Still using my computer analogy think of this larger machine as every computer in existence all connected together with access to infinite data and with infinite resources. In comparison our brain the local computer is a single machine. It is connected to this network but by a restricted link. It cannot use all the data at once because that would overload it. It simply doesn’t have room or the computational power.

To some extent we are a terminal in this huge network, an isolated screen but with input and access to its resources. Now this action is not part of the function of the brain. It is a function of the heart. We have two brains. The heart brain is very much more powerful. It is not just an interface. It is our link to all that IS and it is the device we need to use to manifest our desires.

Our heart is also part of un-manifest creation. If you like we are part of all that IS. In old world parlance some people call this God. All that IS includes every possibility and the potential for everything. It exists in many dimensions not just the physical. That is only part of its function but that is why it has the ability to manifest anything for us. It has no restrictions. It is the vehicle we need to use to manifest. It is also our link to the Source of all that Is. Inspiration, creativity, thoughts all come from here.

Hopefully you now understand why thinking about manifesting something doesn’t work. You are just running the program on your local computer. Goal setting and all the other wonderful things we try are useless if they don’t involve the heart. If the thing you want is not in your heart and heart felt nothing at all will happen. We think we want something. Wanting is a thought – that is in our brain.

The way our heart works is very interesting we cannot make it feel anything. You either feel it or you don’t. You may be able to generate false emotions but they are not feelings. Feelings are more subtle. This is why in order to manifest you need to feel the desire for it strongly. That does not mean it takes a long time. Fleeting thoughts can be extremely powerful and manifest really quick. That is because we don’t get attached to them – that is continually run them in our local computer. What you desire is also worth considering. Don’t try and manifest money, doing that ties you into the control system and restricts the universe from helping you. You can manifest anything you desire that doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Let it come any way it wants.

Abundance has nothing to do with finance. Finance is a very low vibrational process and is used to confine us. Manifesting is unbounded and expands our awareness. It is easy and requires no effort. I have given an example of the way it works for me after these instructions.

So let’s examine the steps we need to take one by one.

  1. First you need to make contact with your heart.
    You can do this by meditating, focusing on your breath any technique which settles you and puts you in touch with you. You need to chill….

  2. Once you feel still and ready allow your desires to come to you.
    What is it that you really want?

    Spend as long as it takes… there is no rush. Feel each desire that comes and see what is really strong and important to you. Know what it is you want.

  3. Grasp it firmly in your heart.
    Do this by feeling into it. How would it make you feel to have it? Don’t spend long on this but the more intense you feel it the better.
  4. Let it go…

    Don’t have any more to do with it. Forget about it. Don’t think about it, remember that doesn’t work. You have given your instructions you don’t need to repeat them. You won’t know how or when but it will appear.

  5. When it manifest allow yourself to feel grateful.
    This is a way of giving it permanence. It also makes you feel the love of who you really are. It generates bliss. You are thanking your Self.

The Divine play can do anything
We only have to give it a focus

To give you an example

I live in a rather remote area, way out on a farm up a dirt road; we are talking 4 wheel drive, rural New Zealand. I sometimes go for days, even weeks without seeing or speaking to anyone. There are no shops, the nearest are quite a drive away. The other day I felt a desire for chocolate, I don’t know why but I went with it and felt that strong desire. That’s all I did, I put it out there and forgot about it. A day or so later a friend turned up, I hadn’t seen her for months, she gave me a box of chocolates. They have no sugar or bad stuff in them. She wanted me to photograph them and then cut them in half and photograph the insides to put them on her website which I’d made for her. She’s a gourmet chocolateier or whatever the word is.

This is a real world example of how it works. I’m not making this stuff up and I don’t want anything from you. It is not how I make a living, I don’t even do that. I can manifest anything I want. She left me with all the chocolates and said I could eat them when I’d finished. They cost me nothing and were delicious. I didn’t just get chocolate I got highly nutritious hand made gourmet chocolates that were good for me. I also had some fun with a friend. It doesn’t get better than that. You would be hard pressed to find anything as good as she makes even in a big city. They were hand delivered to my door way out in wild, miles from anywhere. No money changed hands.

That is what manifesting does.

Manifesting Part 2

As we go up higher now I have discovered that there is another way to do this.

I was looking at my own situation and decided it could be improved. I sat as I do when I want to create and instead of thinking in the old way and manifesting what I need, something completely new occurred. My higher Self came in and gave me new ‘words’, which isn’t the right word but let me use it to make it easier to understand. I no longer felt any connection to the old world and created from a neutral and uninvolved space. It felt wholesome and golden which is the only way I can describe it. I witnessed the experience as much as anything. I have no doubt at all that it will manifest.

You can do this too.

You need to loose the pinch. The sense we all have of lack, of something missing, something not quite right. Sit and Be until you no longer sense the old 3D world. It’s actually very easy because it’s no longer here. Our planet has already risen. We may not have noticed that yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t use the power.

When you feel comfortable instead of instigating the process be open to it and let it come to you.

P.S. Did it work?

Yes it did. I have many new things including a car, a computer, washing machine and plenty of new toys in my studio to play with. I have a good income and don’t need to earn any money any more. I am far more comfortable than I was.

3 thoughts on “Manifesting”

  1. Hey Ray, I’ve read a few of your articles since finding your blog this evening. I wanted to say that I really appreciate your writing style, your voice, and the information you present on here. No accident in finding this website at “this time” in “my life.”

    Cheers to you,

  2. Hello Ray,

    Reading through your content has just shifted me up to a place I knew was in me but had been shut down for a long time due to a prolonged period of stress and loss. Thank you. I plan to read more in the coming days. I live in Northern California and my husband and I are taking a trip in a week and I was confused about where to go. I want to renew my energies and so I was thinking of going to Mt. Shasta, but the road I wanted to take is closed,. So, I was searching for ley lines in California and thinking of which direction we should head, I am so glad I came across your site! I lived in England wen to school at Emerson College in Forest Row for two years in late nineties and walked all over Ireland with a friend/teacher to all the ley lines, energy centers and we were doing work to turn back on the energy centers of the Goddess, my teacher, Gaylan, she saw Ireland as the body of the Goddess/female aspect of the God Head, we walked, prayed, stayed in monasteries, and went from sacred site to site. It was one of the most fulfilling times in my life and I have been far far away from this work…thank you for your work. I am grateful to have found your writing.

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