Mer people and body consciousness

Who and what are we?
A simple yet very difficult question to answer. Sometimes the answers creep up on us when we are busy and that knowing can take a bit of getting used to.

When I was working with the Els, a sub group of the Elohim, we had a place that had very refined energy where we met. It had been worked on at lots of different levels. In the building was a room that was considered special. No human had been into it for a number of years and the Els had been working on the energy there for a long time. It was a portal that was refined enough to give the Els access to Inner Earth. The Els are beings of light and most places on the surface world were much too dense for them back then, then being the late nineties.

The building itself had been built using sacred geometry and was both spacious and luxurious. It was set in large grounds and belonged to the man who had started my working with the Els. It was on the site of one of King Arthur’s forts. It was fairly high up looking out over the sea. There were underground entrances to caves up from the beach or so I was told. It was a magical place. My friend often received instructions to do things to modify the energy there. There were some very large crystals and strange machines he had been instructed to build setup in the grounds. The energy was so high and intense I found just being there difficult and it often took me several days to recover from a visit. It took me years before I eventually adjusted and could go there without a powerful reaction.

On one occasion my friend had been instructed to bring in a block of granite. When I say a block, it was enormous perhaps three meters long and high but slightly narrower in width. it required one of the biggest mobile cranes in Britain to move it into position. Now granite is very crystalline and stores energy like a battery. This huge block was destined for many uses but its main purpose was as an energy amplifier.

I knew nothing about it until it was in position. I had been invited to visit and met there with the small group I worked with. We were taken out to see this new piece of rock. When I touched it I saw into it. It looked like the sea with a large many masted sailing ship but all made of crystal. It was moving, very other worldly, clear and very vivid.

This place has a link or portal to the water realm. We have been cut off or rather the Mer peoples have been excluded from our world. When the Earth fell the Mer peoples became trapped in their under water dimension. We used to and will again be able to interact. Gaia has ascended and these beings like many others will be able to come and be among us once more.

After being shown the rock we went into the main house to a room above the one that no one ever went into. That room contained all sorts of crystals but was dominated by a table made out of one solid piece of amethyst. We sat and meditated.

In my meditation I went very high and gained 360 degree perception. I could see everything in all directions even though I had my eyes closed. I could see energy pouring down through a portal above us. It came down in a stream which bent out towards the rock outside. The flow was like water but it was pure energy. I looked up to see where it was coming from and saw a large being looking back down at me. Even though he was a long way off I could see him quite clearly. We greeted each other. I felt his magnificence in a single moment of cognition. It is not possible to put into words the amount of knowingness and love that I received in that brief moment. It is mostly gone from my conscious mind but sits in my greater awareness.

Soon after this experience my group was invited back again and were told that the Els had invited us to enter the room that no one ever went into. It was very exciting. When the time was exactly right we were allowed in. There were seven of us if I remember correctly. The energy in the room was palpable. The air glistened with it. It was so intense I had to walk slowly to give my body time to adjust. Once I was seated I realised I was in a very high state and basked in the pure joy of it.

I had no pain, no thoughts and felt completely at home. My body and mind had transcended normal consciousness. The energy was predominantly that of the Magenta Ray. We witnessed and helped to ground it at that place to bring it into Mother Earth’s energy network. It was a high point in my own personal journey.

Years later I was sitting meditating in the portal that was at that time focused on our house in New Zealand. As I was sitting quite comfortably when my vision expanded again and I felt and ‘saw’ with my inner vision a small gold coloured metal capsule drop down out of the portal above me and felt it land in my heart. There was no warning, no briefing, it just happened.

The capsule contained a soul, another being, who was now in my body with me. It was extremely uncomfortable for both of us. At first I had no idea what was going on. We could not communicate but I could feel him. I finally discovered who he was when I was having a shower. I felt him clapping his fins together delighted by the water flowing over us and felt his etheric body briefly. He was a dolphin. Now you may think that a dolphin soul would be a nice being to share a body with but we were totally alien to each other. There was no point of reference. He had some but not much control of my body. We must have had a soul agreement for this to happen but I did not remember it on any level. The experience was very difficult and nearly killed us both.

With a great deal of help I finally worked out that he was in my body in order to go somewhere. We worked out that the somewhere was a crystal city, a home to the Mer people which was under water not far from where we lived. He had work to do there. I managed to persuade him to move out of my body and into a crystal while we worked out what to do. I put this crystal into the flowing water of a fountain that I hoped he would like. He was there a bit too long and it was a close run thing but we managed eventually.

We took him out to sea in our kayak. The waves were breaking over the front as we paddled out quite a long way from shore. I sat in the front focusing all my attention on where to go. I found a place that felt right and threw the crystal into the water. It was close enough to a portal that would take the dolphin soul down to the crystal city. A few weeks later the dolphin soul reappeared having completed his mission. I caught the edge of his experience and saw the crystal city and the Mer people as seen through his eyes. He was exhausted and barely alive but he was able to home in on me. I then boosted him back up through our portal. I was very pleased to see the back of him and gave him quite a shove. It seemed to startled the ones who were receiving him and they only just caught him.

Although I did not enjoy his visit it brought home to me more than anything else I have experienced that we are not our bodies. Our bodies have their own intelligence which is carried forwards through it’s different lifetimes. This is separate to us, the soul, who merely inhabit it. It is a magnificent creation and a great privilege.

We should communicate with our body and treat it with respect. If we abuse it with drugs or alcohol this can put us outside of our body temporarily. It creates a vacant space. This is extremely undesirable. It is like parking an expensive car in a bad neighborhood with the keys in the ignition and all the doors and windows open. This particularly applies to so called mind expanding drugs. It does not make any difference if they are natural. You don’t need these shortcuts. Take it from me it will only lead you into a blind alley that is hard to get out of. A short period of inattention in my early twenties took more than twenty years to repair.

We can inhabit a body on our own but some souls join together and share a body. Most of us are single souls but quite a number of the new kids come in with two souls. The ones I have met are usually a mix of a Galactic Star Being and either an Agarthan (from inner Earth) or a former Earth surface dweller. They bring in the combined aspect of themselves. The sum is far greater than the individuals.

Leonardo da Vinci is a good example of an incarnations of two souls in the same body. They were twin souls, one male the other female. Although it made his life difficult at times it enabled him to far exceed what he could have achieved as two individuals.


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