Mother a new perspective

Mother Earth Gaia, we the people of this wonderful planet have very little idea about her. She is a living vibrant being and it’s actually very easy to communicate with her.

It is actually quite difficult to cut your self off but most of us have managed it.

To the conservationists and green supporters out there.
 I salute you and recognize the value of what you do but ask, how can you speak on behalf of the great Earth Mother if you cannot converse with her?

The indigenous tribes revere her and some still have a connection. Most of their knowledge is inaccessible because it can only be truly realized through direct experience. Theirs is not our world and it is hard to understand unless you go and live with them. It requires a great deal of patience and fortitude to go their route. Even if you do manage to gain their trust, most of what you learn is fairly obvious. It is usually hidden behind the mystique of ceremony that is no longer comprehensible or relevant.
 Some use powerful drugs to adjust their awareness. That is a totally unnecessary ordeal.


I have always felt a very close connection to Mother Earth, she is always there for me – she is for you. You only have to let yourself become aware of your connection. She is talking to us all the time. Open your heart to her and you can hear her. This is not a vague experience nor is it mystical, it is as natural as any other conversation. She is a Divine Being but so are you.

Forget all the mumbo jumbo, the shaman speak about signs and events of the spirit world that give you guidance. If that is your way then fine and pardon me but the animals talk to me as themselves, we interact. I don’t need a go between. I look to the future not the stone age and yet I can and do speak with Mother Earth, Gaia whatever you like to call her.

You are free to be whoever you are and don’t need to change yourSelf in order to tune into her. Just open your heart to Gaia and speak. She will hear you. Listen without expectation and you will hear her. Sometimes it is very subtle, just a feeling but that may be all that you need. She behaves like any other mother, sometimes all a child needs is gentle reassurance.

I can be a bit more stubborn and don’t take much notice until you knock me over. I have been blessed with direct interaction with her on a number of occasions. The first time was just after a big knock down when I called on her for help. Her communications are telepathic which means they hold a huge amount of information not just words. They are often pictorial although she does speak directly too. She is the ultimate multi-media girl and sends emotions, visuals,  sounds and sometimes physical feelings in a huge packet of information. It is an  experience that is easy to understand. It seems quite natural to me to speak with her. She is just a thought away.

We can all live in harmony with nature without having to resort to primitive circumstances. Tuning in can mean turning off your digital devices, unplug first because these things can be distractions. It’s not possible to do two things at once. No one can multi task without dividing their attention. To speak with her requires all of your awareness. Children do it naturally, watch them. They maintain a very powerful single focus.

My own experiences have been very casual. She is my friend.

Once when there was a lot of sun flares and I had been reading some fear filled rubbish on the internet about coming damage from solar winds, I asked her if they would this do her any harm. She took me out into space and showed me.

I saw her as a planet but dressed like a women in a light summer gown that was being blown by a gentle breeze. With this came a sensation of the experience as being pleasing and refreshing.

On another occasion when I had been talking to her it suddenly occurred to me that although she has us, her children she must be lonely for company. I had hardly had the thought when She opened to me and showed me all her friends. The other planets and stars are all alive just like her. The laughed, shared the joke and smiled down at me. I felt their love for me for asking the question as well as their love for Her. A planet is a being just like you only on a different scale.

She has shown herself to me in the guise of a women twice. These were personal interventions when I definitely needed a helping hand. Once I asked for her assistance and the other time she did this spontaneously. I received energy from her on both occasions. I am grateful for her constant presence.

We become so preoccupied with our own world view we don’t even think that there is another. Those of us who are waking up intuitively feel a connection. All it requires is to talk to her. She has infinite love for us. You don’t need to be out in nature although that does help to attune to her vibration. You can do it in a crowded city street, she is all around you. You only need to stop the chatter in your mind, sit and listen and open up to her.

All that is necessary is a wide open heart. Sit in silence and then let her know how you feel about her. Give back the love she has given you. Be patient, willing to wait for how ever long it takes and if you do this sincerely she will respond to you.

We are waking up but so is she. It is time to acknowledge her.

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