Moving beyond Fear

In order to be comfortable with your Self and who you are in the new world we are just entering you need to transcend fear.

Fear is a tie to the old paradigm and it evokes all of it’s power structures.
The system we have been living under has used fear as its main instrument of control.

Fear creates division which is not factual.

We are all ONE.
You cannot separate us, anything you do to one effects the many.

Fear is not real and it has no real substance. Only Love is real.

Fear is a very strong belief system and is so deeply ingrained that it appears impossible to overcome it. The solution is so simple that it’s amazing that we have been controlled by it for so long.

Fear is only powerful when we move out of the present moment; we project ahead and see possible consequences of our actions or the actions of others. When you live in the moment your actions are dictated by what is happening around you. You move and adapt to whatever is in front of you. What has happened to you in the past can be projected forwards but it isn’t real. We need only bring our awareness to the now.

Physicality dictates that we act or we do not survive.
If a car is speeding towards you – you get out of the way or are knocked over. Neither experience requires much anticipation. You just do and it’s past. Any fear is momentary which is all it should be. It becomes a positive stimuli to act. Our body reacts automatically and then the fear is gone.

Mental fear is far more insidious.
Fear of anything is a disconnection from who we really are.

What are we?
We are all Divine, loved and important otherwise we simply wouldn’t be here.
We are all cared for, noticed and part of the Divine plan. Each of us individually has chosen and been chosen to be here at this miraculous point in time.

We are all extremely important.

How then do you deal with fear?

Resistance to fear is what gives it power over us. To remove fear all you need to do is to stop resisting it. Welcome it in and allow it to express itself.
Doing this will dissolve it.

The fear may not be from this lifetime. At this moment in time any fear that has been locked in our bodies is coming out as part of the process of rejuvenation.

Yes we are all getting younger. Anything from our pasts that is no longer who we are becoming has to go. The fear may not be your own but your body’s. That is more complicated to explain. A body has its own awareness. When it dies that awareness doesn’t die, nothing does, it moves on to a new body. When we incarnate into a body we can inherit it’s fears. If it died in a fall we may have a fear of heights. Its fears then become ours. Think of it as a course we have decided to take. A lesson we want to learn. We choose this life lesson although that isn’t strictly true. The beings who dominate this density may have forced it on you. Life here at this moment is rather complex.

In order to put that statement into a practical context lets examine exactly where we are.

We are indestructible light beings having a human body experience on a free will planet. Our planet is in the process of ascension and we are ascending too.

What does that mean?
Each one of us has been living in a dualistic manner in which every action had consequences. We created our reality based on every thought word and deed.

When we made a choice we literally created a timeline which encompassed that choice. We also lived on the alternate timeline in which we made a different choice. These multiple timelines existed in the framework of a larger reality. This is our collective group consciousness which created a timeline in which our individual timelines are submerged. We are like droplets of water in a river flowing towards the ocean.

What has happened now is that this reality is in the process of ending. We are moving forwards on a single timeline created by the Divine. We are going towards a new reality. All our timeline choices are recombining into a single choice. This is what Divine intervention is.

Each one of us is in the appropriate place for us and we will stay there regardless of what choices we make. You simply cannot miss out even if you die. If it is your will to ascend you will. So there is nothing to be afraid of.

If you have got this far then perhaps you may still want to know how do you deal with fear. Here is another approach.

First of all you need to acknowledge that you are frightened. Identify what it is you are frightened of, then face it by feeling it – immerse yourself in the feeling. Go into it as deeply as you can. Don’t mind if this makes you uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is very useful because it is going to motivate you to change. It wont kill you unless you let it. That is your choice. If it is then you simply start a new game. No big deal.

Once you feel it strongly say to your fear; ‘Is that the best you can do. Can’t you do any more than that?’

Keep doing this until it no longer increases in power. This process makes you an observer and separates you from your fear. It is no longer your fear. It simply becomes something that you are experiencing, like an emotion. It too will pass.

It is simply an experience. An uncomfortable one that perhaps you no longer need. All you need do now is simply let it go. You do that by being with it until its gone, like unwinding a twisted rubber band once its unwound it has no more potential energy and then is no longer a problem.

You can ask from assistance from you guides and mentors if it becomes very strong. They will help you to dissipate it. It is what they are there for.

The cloud of fear can no longer keep us in the dark, we are rising above it. That is our collective choice.

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