One of the things that we get told is that you learn from your mistakes.
No you don’t. You just get pissed when things don’t work out.
You learn from your successes, your achievements. You tweak what went wrong until it goes right. That is how it works. So where did this come from then? This misinformation. It’s everywhere.

I’m talking about head work; reorientation. We look at many things as we are directed and not necessarily in a constructive manner. Look at what is happening around you and most things are in turmoil. Is that really how it is or is it simply stuff that is being uncovered?

Our awareness is dependent on where we look, on what we think is important. I look out my window at the bright blue sky and listen to the birds. Everything is perfect. It’s early summer, hot and sunny. My garden is beckoning me into another gorgeous day.

My website tells me someone is trying to break in again and that they are really determined. That’s over 10,000 hits that missed so far today. Their IP is in the Netherlands but they move around, yesterday they were using an IP in whatever. It is all fictitious just a technological myth. They haven’t got in yet but that doesn’t mean they wont. If they do they may discover…. well they will find out. I must have said something they didn’t like – again.

Last night I was attacked – again, that is fairly constant this repetition. It is all they know. I caught a gimps of a disembodied being, they were being rather nasty and trying to distract, to draw me lower. I rearrange my defences by adjusting my objectives and become a sting in their tail. I give them energy that will resonate them higher. It wont hurt them but may re-orientate them.

They are only really a nuisance not a threat any more but I have to deal with this constantly. I can go all out to find them but that is not really worth the bother. Our position is powerful now and all the dark can do is surrender. They probably wont. They will continue to be a nuisance. I accept that but it reinforces my determination to rise even higher.

I do that by enjoying the weather, the blue sky, the birds. This is a choice we all make.

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