No Wories

Kiwis use this phrase quite often, it is a common response to practically anything. It also gives you a good idea about this little nation’s general attitude to life. It is not a put off, it is a genuine I can handle this whatever and they can.

It is a very healthy approach to life. It doesn’t mean that New Zealand doesn’t have problems because, like everywhere in the world at the moment, it does. It just means you’re not a problem to me right now. The phrase is usually said with a smile or may cause one. It is a great way to end a conversation. Both parties go away feeling good. Kiwi’s are good at that.

We each one of us are learning about the big bad world out there which isn’t a comfortable or particularly easy place to be at this time. It’s falling apart. What isn’t and is growing is our own personal space. We are expanding into our full potential quite rapidly. That is not 3D any more. If you are aware of your body it may be behaving rather differently than it has in the past. I discovered this morning that I can heal it very quickly if I give it the right attention. Our bodies are telling us things all the time but most of us just aren’t listening perhaps because we have forgotten how.

Try listening with your sense of touch. It is very refined. With your middle finger from your right hand gently skim it over your left. You will immediately notice areas of sensitivity. This is not random but correlates to how your body is doing.

Close your eyes to refine the experience.

There are links from here that will trigger healing. You should feel things happening. It is not really important what does what. What ever area is particularly sensitive give it you whole attention and very lightly run over it until the feeling fades. If it doesn’t come back to it later and do it again. What you are doing is sending messages of love and attention to your body. It will stimulate positive change. We are thought forms and this is a way of adjusting our thinking. It require no brute force or belief. The more subtle your touch the better.

There are many systems that have used this link; reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure etc and the practitioners all have refined knowledge of the links but they usually can’t feel what you do, most of them aren’t that empathic. They also use fairly strong stimulation. That worked well in the 3D world but we can do much more with a refined light touch. It is a fun thing to explore. Don’t limit your experience to your hands. Try your feet too. This interaction is a good way to link to your new body. It will help you to settle it in. It is a way of giving it your attention and creating harmony and love between you. Like tickling it is fun but shouldn’t be over done. Too much stimulation is harmful. Tickling may have once been more than just play.

Our physical body is only one of our new expanded awarenesses but it is quite refined. Our sensitivity is being enhanced.

We can use this awareness to heal the land; our local environment. If you feel something uncomfortable in your external world then open to it. You may be able to do something about it. How you do that is up to you. We each have different abilities. I am familiar with portals and vortexes. They are my kind of energy. I don’t know why but that is me.

I recently moved to a new house and part of who I am is extremely sensitive to old energies. Anything hanging about I notice almost immediately. I have been noticing a smell which always came in the evenings. The only way I can describe it is dark smoke. Not tobacco or even wood smoke, dark very toxic smoke. It was concentrated and had a form kind of like a taurus. It was roiling and very dark.

At first I thought I was just smelling the smoke from my landlords wood burner. I am sensitive to any kind of smoke and cannot tolerate it at all. I need clean air. I had all my windows closed and yet I could still smell this dark smoke. It would suddenly appear and was so intense that I could hardly breath. I thought it must be percolating through the walls or the ceiling and if that was the case I would have to move out or it would kill me.

I had already cleared the house. The photo at the head of this post is where I live. I felt into it when I first moved in and there was nothing recent only a very old something that was older than when it was built and which was quite faint and easy to lift. Eventually I thought perhaps the smoke was a ghost trying to get my attention. That can happen but is usually much less intense. I don’t usually have any trouble with moving them on.

I opened a portal to allow it to leave should it wish to go, they usually do. The portal I triggered was quite intense. I do this without thought and they are always appropriate but I was a bit surprised how powerful it was and how high it went.

I forgot about it and was busy writing one evening when I smelt the dark smoke again. I felt into it and opened to it and offered what ever it was a way out. I got the understanding that it wasn’t a ghost but a huge impression on the land. A volcanic eruption or a massive explosion of some kind from a very long time ago. Something disastrous had happened. Lots of people were killed but there were elementals involved. Beings from other dimensions were trapped in the impression the incident had caused.

I’m still not quite sure exactly what went on but I held my self there as the door to the portal for them to use as a way out. A huge light being of some kind stood next to me and supported me the whole time it was happening. I noticed many beings leave and ascend into the higher realms. Perhaps it was a collapsed portal. I seem drawn to them. The dark smoke might have been from a lower dimension that it had dropped down to. I am a gate keeper and may have triggered it to open without knowing that is what I was doing.

But no worries. The dark smoke has gone. I don’t have to move.

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