One Timeline

My reality is expanding and I thought I would share a clearer more succinct picture.

At the heart of creation there is the potential for anything. It is un-manifest. This is the Source of all creation. Everything that is manifest is an aspect of Source experiencing itself.

On one side of Source at the very pinnacle of existence are the creator gods, the beings whose role brought physicality into existence. They do many other things, they create ideas not just physical things. I can’t even begin to comprehend all of what they do. I know them as the Elohim and have interacted with them. I have even met one who appeared in front of me. They have no physical form but can project one in any way they like. The one I saw was huge and human shaped made of light but was not hard to look at. They say themselves that they are guided in what they do by a higher awareness. They are in tune with Source.

On the other side of Source are other beings who have a caring role. They guide and nurture assisting humanity and all of conscious awareness which is everything. We know them as Angels. They have different classifications but they do not have a hierarchy, they are unified. I have seen several of them too. They assist us on our journey although at the moment we may not be aware of them.

Below them is another realm filled with exulted beings who have experienced human existence but have surpassed our limitations. We call them the Ascended Masters. Their role is to help us reach as high as we can manage – ultimately to join them. They are the local leaders in the ascension process. Ascension being a moving up in vibration in our present body. We and our planet our solar system are rising to a more refined density. I have seen an Ascended Master too. One showed himself to me and he was very large, about fifteen feet high. They are not present in the reality we call Earth’s surface but can project an image here. They supervise all that is occurring in our rescue mission.

You could easily say I am deluded and that none of this is real but from my own perspective I would say that everything is an illusion but that doesn’t make it any less real. Your five senses are simply how you perceive what is around us from within a human body. They can and are fooled but we have other ways to interact and detect things. Our heart is connected to that part of creation that is real, the higher awareness we call Source that cannot be fooled. We feel it when things are wrong. Our connection is through a perfect part of ourselves some call the Higher Self. We are connected directly by a silver cord. The Higher Self is the last part of us before un-manifest creation. It has control of our destiny but acts in our best interest.

This then is one perspective. There are many. Let me go to the bottom to see where we are at the moment.

We came into this experience we call a human body having lost most of who we are. We have amnesia. That was imposed. Our journey for this moment is to remember. For each one of us that will be a unique experience. We are being assisted in this by many beings. I will cover some of them, the ones I know, but let me define our situation first.

The reality or perhaps realities around us are not as simple as we have been given to believe. We have been led to believe a scenario that is designed to benefit a small hostile group that control us. They use us as their slaves. We follow their directions or we are in trouble. This malign group are powerful. They hold us captive using technology and many forms of mind control. These ones are slowly and consistently being removed.

These being are aligned with and part of an anomaly that came into being at the same time as Source. High density beings decided to experience it by disconnecting themselves from Source. They found they could not reconnect. Source is pure love and the anomaly is its opposite. These beings became the opposite of love, put simply they became evil. The anomaly spread through this galaxy and has been waging a war against those connected to Source for millennia. That war is nearly at an end, ours is the very last planet to be liberated.

This operation is our destiny and is well under way. The beings that are doing this comprise many. It includes humans from this planet but many beings from off it. All the ones I have already mention are taking part. We have enormous support. We are going to be freed. It is only a matter of when now, not if this will happen. How long it takes is dependant on us, how much we are able to experience comfortably. Many including myself incarnated here with the specific purpose of assisting this liberation process. We are winning.

No full scale war or other negative scenario will be permitted. We have witnessed this already in Hawaii and Japan. Both places were attacked with missiles but nothing happened other than that the attacks were thwarted, the warnings were retracted and said to be mistakes. At this level there are many safeguards and no mistakes are possible. The warnings were triggered by multiple sources. We then have direct evidence that we are being helped. That does not mean nothing bad will happen, just nothing big. There may still be local interference. We can prevent that with our personal awareness.

We are gaining control of expectation using our superior ability to manifest anything. That has been used against us and is why there are so many negative scenarios in the mass media and entertainment. It is intended that we create them. We wont because we are beyond that. They can’t happen.

Our planet is a living being as is all of creation. We can interact. I have done so with Gaia and other planets, even with our sun. They all have their own journey but we are a collective awareness. We each give value to the whole.

The living things we see around us are cared for by beings we don’t all see. It is possible but uncommon. There are devas, fairies, elementals, some beings I can’t even put a name to. I have seen them all. We can assist them and be guided by them how to care for the natural world. This is the tip of a huge iceberg. There are very many realities extant with ours. There are a large number of beings we know of only through myths and legends. They each have a defined role and care for part of the whole. This includes dragons, mer people but there are more. Their rediscovery will be part of our growing in awareness.

The off world beings who are here have an interest in us because we are related. We are a series of experiments, a mixing of many interplanetary races. We have been monitored but the experiments are declared over and a higher set of beings are stepping in to guide us higher. We are being taken up to a higher density and are moving beyond our parentage. This is something that was unexpected to some of these other worldly beings. They expected to continue monitoring us and they have reluctantly included earth humans in their councils. Many of the off world races are higher than we are at the moment but some are lower. They will drop away and wont have any influence.

This process is going to be triggered by a flash of light from our galactic central sun. This flash will destroy all and every negative entity on the planet including any artificial intelligence. This is one of the reasons the dark beings have been making deep underground bases. They wont be able to escape there and are being removed prior to the flash. The effect on us will be the exact opposite and we will be exulted in every part of of our being. It will remove fear. We will ascend not straight away but in a gradual process.

That will be monitored and assisted by many, from all the higher races to the Angels and the Elohim. It will be beyond our wildest dreams. It is the only possibility timeline now, there are no others.

If you are at the bottom of your barrel please hang in there, it will be worth it.

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