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If you have read my blog for any length of time you will know I don’t do warrior. Why? Because as soon as you oppose you have lost.

In duality you fight the opposition the dark against the light. Isn’t that why we’re here? No we are here to free this planet. To remove the dark’s influence.

To some extent it is only semantics but I take a stance that removes you from fighting anyone. By fighting anything even if it yourself you are immediately reduced, most of who you are has gone. There is no reason for division. The dark only has power over you when you let it. To do that they need you to be divided from your true self. When you are whole you have the infinite creativity of Source to fall back on.

What I do is allow the dark but change the energy of the outcome. I don’t try to resist, I simply do something that twists their attack until it is countered or does something good. I have learned from them. They are masters at twisting things but we can do that too, twist things back.

The dark has tried to kill me four times so far but only succeeded once. I undid that myself. I was totally unaware of doing so until long after that event. You can read about that here if you want to. I only mention it to let you know this is serious practical knowledge not just a theory, it is how I live.

Their last attack was incredibly debilitating. Physically I am very weak but that doesn’t stop me. I am growing stronger in other ways. The physical damage can be repaired but will require more knowledge than we have at our disposal for the moment. I can wait.

I rant on about not being a warrior but how do you fight theirs. They are sneaky and have no restrictions, no morals no anything but they do respect strength. Their code is survival of the most powerful. Strength is not just physical or mental they are good at both. You are strongest when you are unified, part of the whole, moving in a positive direction. It is very hard to out think the dark, they are very good at long term strategy. I have found the best approach is to be playful, they can’t anticipate or counter that.

I defend but do that in a different way. I often put my self willingly in the way. They really don’t understand that. Often my actions come from an attack. I am going to do something they don’t like and try to stop me. Nothing I do is pre meditated, they don’t see it in my thoughts. My actions are spontaneous and depend on the situation.

To give you an example. They were broadcasting something very nasty over a city that was near to where I lived. I didn’t know that but found out because they tried to stop me from fixing it. I changed the frequency so that what they sent out is benign instead of harmful. I also hid that so that nobody would notice.

You can do anything with your imagination. It is something the dark don’t have. If you think you can do it you can. Nothing is real it is just a vibration, a thought if you like. Changing things is easy but you do it with your will. You need to cultivate that first. You need to be strong in yourself or nothing happens because you have to overcome the collective will of everybody else. That is relatively weak when undirected. If you are working with and for the Divine that enhances you. I have written about that in my previous post.

Anyway in this instance I was noticed. The dark had seen the effects if not the action and traced it back. What they had done wasn’t working on the timeline they intended to create. They attacked us on our way to do it. I hadn’t got this planned and wouldn’t have done it if they hadn’t have attacked. I discovered what to do when I looked to discover why we were being harassed.

My partner felt their attack first and had a migraine building by the time we were about half way to the city. We had an appointment and couldn’t go back. She was able to function but only just. The place we were going was over two hours away. They didn’t stop us but it was difficult and we only just got back. Once I worked out what they were trying to prevent I did my thing. It would be stupid not to. They wouldn’t try to stop me if it wasn’t very effective.

On the way home we were subject to horrendous attacks. I was driving mainly using my intuition because I could hardly see the road. They were using dark magics. We drove up over the mountains on a very windy road that drops down steeply two and a half thousand feet. They were blocking my vision amongst other things and I had to distract them. I started to play with them sending them all sorts. Most of the things I did were very funny. I kept up a stream of diversions that must have really confused them and were intended to divert their concentration. There were about four or five people working together in this attack and eventually I floured them. My final coup de gras was to surround them with hundreds of white fluffy bunnies. They really couldn’t handle that.

Small animals trigger an autonomous reaction in humans, which is who I was dealing with, even if they were dark oriented humans. We normally wont harm small animals, it is against our nature. Fluffy and small they were completely harmless but they had no idea how to combat their own reactions. They were only my imagination and not real anyway but it stopped them. They did eventually recover but it took a while, long enough for us to reach the safety of the vast dome of positive energy where we lived.

Things aren’t like that now, that was over ten years ago. We are in a much better situation but if anything it is more dangerous. We are winning but the dark is desperate and will do anything they can and sometimes lash out. It isn’t wise to mess with them.

Once I was home I was able to view the whole experience and did some more messing about. They had set up an alarm system on all their towers. They considered them important. They didn’t want me or anyone else to be able to change the energy again. If I went near a tower with my awareness I would have been heavily attacked but I noticed. Fine not a problem. I dipped into the absolute, the source, and triggered their alarms, I set them all off at once. As far as I was concerned I wasn’t even there but let off a thought that was. All their alarms went off at the same time and they went nuts. They were very angry but couldn’t do anything about it. I did it several times at unpredictable intervals over a period of months until eventually they abandoned that method of protection. They have something much worse now but I stopped. I know when I’m ahead and don’t push my luck, I rely heavily on my intuition.

They have set up a massive defence system and I wouldn’t advice trying anything but I thought it was rather funny at the time. They get very worked up when they loose control of any situation. That diverts and fragments their energy. I don’t often do the same thing twice and that prevents them taking action. They don’t know what I will do next. I usually get into trouble eventually because they work out who is the problem. I have to keep a low profile on things like that now but I’m always up to mischief. They are busy and leave me alone mostly. We have the odd run in but I can still protect myself.

The finally for the event I have described was rather more serious. I worked out who was causing the migraines for my partner and put myself in the way. I tend to do that even though my partner always thought that was rather silly. It usually works but we aren’t together now. We have done everything we needed to do together. I’m sure I drove her nuts. Part of her role was to keep rescuing me from the results of my actions. She was a very good healer and kept me alive in spite of the the things I did.

The result of my action that time was I had to deal with a dark master. The light has Ascended Masters but so does the dark. Masters of dark are pretty formidable but like the Masters of Light they work here within tight constraints. They can’t actually come to surface Earth. There are rules which they can’t break or the other side will do so too. They can appear here and do but only as a projection. This dark being was vampiric and stealing energy from my partner to use here himself. That was what caused her migraines. I figured if he wanted energy I would give him some.

I fed him three rays of energy, a healing energy from the green silver ray, energy for change from the violet ray and energy to create balance from the magenta ray. I did this without thinking when he appeared in front of me. My intention was to help him not hurt him. I had been doing that for people at that time. He immediately curled up in a fetal ball and stayed like that for several days. Eventually the ball popped and he disappeared. There was no goodness in him left. I hadn’t intended harm but that was as close I have reached to lethal action. It probably only meant he left this space but I don’t know. I will find out when this game ends. Of course as soon as I bested him another dark lord popped up to take his place, balance is always maintained.

This examples shows how we can interact and still maintain peace within our being. When you oppose or attack you change who you are. You become your opponent to some extent. I don’t like that. I want to remain myself. You do that with your intention, the intention never to do harm.

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