When you start to question everything, take nothing as it has been portrayed a huge new world opens up.

Let me give you an example. A friend of mine is an artist and has been studying the work of Picasso. He reveres him. Everyone knows he was a great artist and his work sells for millions. I studied him too when I was in my late teens and copied his styles.

Two disparate pieces of information clicked into place. I once read a biography about Picasso the man. He was not someone I would like or emulate. Second hand information and on its own of no real value but interesting. I also knew through another source that Art is often used to launder money. It is a great way to get rid of large amounts of cash.

Art by famous artists like Picasso was and still is used extensively to clean up dirty money. Paintings sell for hundreds of millions. It does not mean they are of great value only that they are a commodity that can be revalued to almost any figure. Nobody questions how the money to pay for them was obtained. That is of no importance. The winning bidder is usually anonymous and that is accepted without question.

The Businessman William Arkle
The Businessman William Arkle

I don’t rate Picasso I wouldn’t put any print of his on my wall. I wouldn’t want to live with any of his paintings. They don’t speak to me. That is just my opinion but saying that is heresy. They are what they are and depict who he was. It is a subjective opinion but nothing he did is of any significant value to me.

I much prefer the work of William Arkle a man who I once met at an exhibition in London. He was a very inspirational person, very kind and generous, a philosopher. I was young and was completely overwhelmed by his paintings. He saw this and spent time talking with me explaining what he had depicted. He wrote and played piano too.

Unlike Picasso he participated in a war but wasn’t overshadowed by it. A humble man with great vision but people hardly know him. His depiction of a businessman held in the arms of an angel says so much and touches me in a very tender way. He had vision but it’s hard to find his work on the internet any more. He is of no fiscal value and is therefore deemed unimportant. I find that sad. People have lost his gifts, his values.

We are always led in a monophonic direction, away from the truth. Anyone who has found it is removed. Questioning everything leads us towards it again.

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