Nobody knows what is happening in your life better than you.

The Aquarian age is about taking full responsibility about tuning into Source, the Divine, God whatever you choose to call it; acting in the best interest of all, selflessly and without expectation.

That doesn’t mean ignore your personal needs – far from it. You cannot do that if you lack anything in your life. That is your first responsibility. To look after self and be happy. Not doing that selfishly but by mastering the unmanifest to create whatever is missing. Once you are comfortable you can then help with whatever is needed.

I have written about a calm and easy transition and that is how we create it, by being settled and calm already and simply putting the desire out there. We don’t need to punish the offenders of the past. All they need is to have a change of heart. To come over to our side. Their misdeeds were based on a mistake – a lack of awareness. We are big enough to forgive them but they can’t obstruct the change any longer. See their machinations come to nothing. Love removes all obstacles and they have nothing that can stand against it.

This is not about politics or religion but about power and the relinquishing of control. We need to take on full responsibility for our selves. We are sovereign.

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