Resistance is futile

What you resist persists. Isn’t that amusing!

The way things work is like treading on discarded chewing gum it sticks and wont let go.

The process we are all going through at the moment has stages. We each arrive in our own good time but we are all going the same way and will get to the same place. How fast we travel is relative. Sometimes we are one jump ahead then for a while it seems we are lagging behind.

I always want to be in front preferably so far ahead I can’t see anybody behind me. That has disadvantages, sometimes I miss the path and on other occasions nobody can relate to me. But that is my nature I don’t fight it.

Part of our process requires fully accepting who you are. This has two stages, well two that I have discovered so far.

The initial part is relatively easy. If you want it in new age speak this is a summary:

Acknowledging, Embracing, Expressing & Loving your own Darkness.

Not the way I would put it, it’s much too vague but I’m sure you know what I mean. We need to accept all of ourselves including the grotty bits. My experience of this was initially rather forced on me about fifteen years ago when I remembered all my lifetimes in one go. Not a pleasant experience but you can come to terms with anything. Since then I have consciously accepted every part of that journey and now understand. Understanding changes as we do and is therefore never finished but where my understanding is at the moment is:

In order to be familiar with, you have to experience.

Well I experienced the lot from all sides. The doer and the done to.

That part is easy enough to integrate but it certainly doesn’t give you a Buddha smiley face.
So what’s next?

Well anyone who has read my blog for a while will know that I don’t do warrior, not my thing, I am a Person of Peace.

At about the time I had the big recall experience I was given the opportunity to take up a sword given by Arch Angel Michael. I chose not to. Part of me didn’t want to be a warrior of any description. I was also encouraged to join Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment. I knew quite a lot about it because my friends who shared the property were very involved. We watched a lot of tapes. I turned that down too for the same reason. My guides were surprised and told me they thought I would be very good at it. It being the highly advanced training he provides. I told them I wasn’t interested. I have not met a master who did interest me and certainly not a warrior, Lemurian or otherwise.

With one exception, which was another rude awakening and not intentional, I have always been able to find a way too deal with the dark without any form of violence. The one exception is still resonating within me and I am starting to realize that I may have destroyed an aspect of my Self, a dark aspect, in fact a Master of Dark. As our awareness expands it is hard to tell where we leave off and another being takes over. We are all One. But I digress.

There has been a lot of talk about Light Workers, Light Warriors and Light Holders. I was trying to figure out where I fit in. I never do but it is a game I play sometimes. It was uncomfortable for me to think of myself as a Light Warrior and Light Worker didn’t really resonate I figured I must be a Light Holder.

I was meditating recently when that thought passed into my awareness and triggered a powerful experience. I became an aspect of MySELF. A brilliant white lit warier that was supernova powerful. I have integrated that experience and my resistance to warrierhood has gone. That hasn’t compromised my feeling level at all, it has magnified it. A true Light Warrier is beyond duality.

So you see the next step after integrating your Darkness is to integrate you Lightness. It may be more difficult than you think.

Can you accept your Angelic Self.

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