Right Action

We should be living in accordance with the laws of nature and every action should be beneficial to us. Does that sound hard? Fortunately it isn’t.

I don’t like abandoning projects but it seems that I do it a regularly. Circumstances make it the correct decision but it hurts – a lot. I spent five years working on a positive film, one that had no negative energy. It was a partly animated feature. I had the time and the money but nothing was working. My partner, who originally was intending to help me, decided she didn’t want to sit in front of a computer at all. The computers, and I had many, refused to cooperate. The technology just wasn’t ready twelve years ago.

It is now. A drone would have made filming a doddle; no microlight trips would have been necessary. Organising them and the cost was a hassle. I went at it anyway. I ended up doing everything myself and although the filming was more or less finished and I had written and recorded all the music, I just ran out of energy. I was working on the animation but couldn’t complete it.

So what? So I went another direction. It wasn’t the first time.

I spent eight years working on a mapping project. You may have come across it if you’ve looked at my site. I mapped the lines of energy that cover the Earth. That project stopped in 2005 when the main person involved abandoned something else we were working on. The support I had left with him and I was left by myself. I went to California. Well I went to Arizona first. Mid winter was perfect but mid summer was way too hot. I spent the following summer in California and decided that it was too crowded, rather dessicated and a bit hot for me too.

My criteria is that if you need air conditioning or central heating then its either too hot or too cold. I moved to New Zealand which is very nearly just right and as a bonus where I am is sunny more or less all the time. It rains enough to keep everything green.

I always intended to finish both projects given time and those are just a couple of many that have been shelved. Recently I have been considering reviving them both.

The mapping project was started because I was asked to do so by an El, one of the Elohim. I thought I should check in with them to see if I should do it. I really love working with them. They simplify everything and it all makes sense. I asked them should I restart this project and the reply was telepathic which meant it had feelings too.
Their answer was simple a question, ‘Do you want to?’

The feeling I got was that I had to make up my own mind and that I could do anything I want. I literally felt my free will and my full potential. It’s hard to put into words. I felt loved and accepted, that I would be supported in anything I do. I was also given a glimpse of who I really am. I felt the love of my true self and realised who I can be.

Of course I wanted to go there and continue the project, so I am. What is even more wonderful and marvellous is that I feel these beings energy. I always did when I was working on this project before. It enabled me to work effortlessly filled with joy. Its different this time because it is all that I do. Well not all, but I’m not juggling three companies and working every hour of the day. It’s a fairly complex operation but the result should be simple to view. I will publish it when its finished.

We each have support. We can all do anything we like. If your life circumstances aren’t right, then change them. We are powerful beings and can do anything. Manifest any life that you want. The time at the moment is perfect for you to do that. You can action that secret desire because there is nothing to stop you.

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