Talking to Rocks

Every single thing around us has innate intelligence.
 They are all expressions of all that Is. Even rocks are alive.
 If you open up your own awareness to them you can learn a great deal from talking to rocks. There is far more to them than you may think. They are not necessarily confined to one dimension.

Avebury UK

I learned this from some standing stones. If you go to the Avebury most of the stones have been physically removed but that doesn’t mean they’re not still there, just not in our plane of existence. If you have the ability to see into the subtle dimensions you can still see them. The stones hold knowledge a bit like a library but also like a hologram, each stone can access all the knowledge. You can tap into it if you open to them. I found I could communicate with the stones quite easily and could even link other people to them. If I was touching a stone and holding someone’s hand they could feel them too.  I haven’t really explored this phenomena. I assume that if I can do it so can you, we all share common abilities from this wonderful body we inhabit.

I spent a summer visiting lots of stone circles mainly in Devon and Cornwall. One set of quite large stones was hidden away at the back of a village and stood rather neglected on the edge of a field. I asked them if they felt sad to be in rather a neglected state. They told me no they actually lived more in the Sumner Lands and they showed me what it was like. Everything sparkled like crystals in bright sunlight it was an amazing place full of wondrous energy. I would have liked to live there myself. They lived both there and here, it is all one to them.

Boscawen-Un another set of stones I linked with suddenly spoke and said, ‘We are in the presence of one of the Great Ones.’ I looked around to see who this was but then realized they meant me. The stones are inclusive they don’t see you and me they only ever experience us. It took me a couple of years to come to terms with being a great one. I think I understand it now and have accepted it but it doesn’t make me any more comfortable.

My first real experience with a really big rock being happened in Sedona. He is a really marvellous and happy fellow with a very deep laugh.

When we were packing up and getting ready to leave the water mill where we had been living for about eighteen months, I had no idea where to go next. When I say we I am referring to myself and the couple, Rem and Ashian who shared the property with me. Our project there had terminated rather suddenly and we had been advised to sell the place and move on.

Actually Merlin put it to us a bit more dramatically, ‘You have been hiding under my cloak, living in a safe harbour, I am going to make the winds blow….’ Like all the Masters he tends to go on a bit and he mixes his metaphors but the upshot was that we had to get out of there and I personally had to cross the oceans and meet my soul family.

I was talking to my two friends in their house some weeks before we actually had to move out and just happened to mention that although I knew I was supposed to travel, I had no idea where I was supposed to go. Ashian turned to me and said, ‘Someone just said Sedona and the Grand Canyon. She could hear the Ascended Masters which is why a few weeks later I found myself headed north from Phoenix on highway 17.

I was very tense from driving on what I consider is the wrong side of the road. It was very busy in Phoenix itself and it was hard to find the right exits in the many lanes of traffic. I managed mainly because drivers in the US drive much slower than in Europe. I don’t enjoy cities at the best of times and Phoenix had been a trial. The smog there was the worst I have ever experienced. It was not the clean desert air I was expecting. I had been traveling for a quite a long time and was rather jet lagged. I decided I needed a walk as I drove into the red rocks of Sedona and pulled into the first car park that was not a shopping mall.

I got out and found that the small car park was actually at the start of a trail. I walked out into this magical wonderland and immediately felt the energy of Sedona. I had no idea at the time where I actually was.
  As it happens I was walking towards Bell Rock which is one of the major vortexes. A vortex is an energy centre. I didn’t go far but it was enough to revive me and I went back to the car and went looking for a place to stay.

When still living at the water mill I had a lucid dream. I was looking down at a large rock in what looked to me like a desert. A dream like that although very clear would not really stand out except that I had exactly the same dream again a few nights later. Even I could work out that it must be important but I had not idea what it meant.
 The next day a bit more refreshed and excited now I walked along the same trail that led up Bell Rock. I had only been walking for a few minutes when suddenly a figure appeared in front of me.


He was huge, about 12 feet tall and looked a lot like the images of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. He had long hair and a beard and was wearing robes. He greeted me without speaking, smiled a welcome and disappeared. I have no idea who he was but I liked what I saw and figured I must be in the right place. Since then I discovered the picture above which looks a lot like the man I saw. It is Melchizedek one of the Ascended Masters.

I kept walking and when I was about half way up I turned to look out at the view. This is what I saw.

Little Bell Rock Sedona Arizona

It was instantly recognizable. The rock in the foreground is Little Bell Rock. It may look small but that is relative to the huge monsters around it. Those are trees growing on it and it takes about ten or fifteen minutes to climb up it. Sedona as you can see is rich with life and not a desert at all.

I decided to go and investigate. As I was walking down I stopped at a steep spot so that a women climbing up could get past me. She said thank you in an English accent and I replied in the same and we got to talking.
 It turned out she was a friend of Rem and Ashien’s. She had been guided to Sedona too. I was able to help her by telling her about the comfortable and cheap hotel in Oak Creek that I had found. Oak Creek was just up the road. It sort of caught my eye and so I had wandered in. It was a great little place. She had been staying a long way outside of Sedona and driving in every day. The hotels she had looked at in Sedona where all far too expensive for her. She moved in and we saw each other there occasionally. She went on to have some quite interesting adventures too.

When I reached Little Bell Rock I put a hand out to touch it and opened to it. I felt him as a vast friendly being and we started a conversation. He told me to discover the meaning of the feathers red. I had no idea what that meant. I did not climb the rock then. It did not feel the right time to do that.

The next day was the start of the labour day weekend, a public holiday and I had to move out of the cheap hotel for two days because it was full. Somewhat reluctantly I drove up to the Grand Canyon as I had been instructed. I probably wouldn’t have gone otherwise.

Looking down the Angel Trail – Grand Canyon

While I was there I met a Hopi who told me that the red feathers referred to the fire energy that comes from inside the earth. Getting the information out of him wasn’t easy. He didn’t want to talk to me. I eventually told him the whole story about my dreams and how the rock had spoken to me.
’Ah,’he grunted, ‘You’re on a dream quest.’
He became a little less grumpy but not by much. He also told me that he never came to the Grand Canyon because he didn’t like being there. He said he tried to keep away from the tourists. A bit like me really. He was a musician, played flute and was only there that day to perform. It was not something he usually did.

The journey to the Grand Canyon wasn’t easy for me. I don’t like driving in a what to me at that time was a rather peculiar foreign country. I spent five months in California and have grown a bit more accustomed to the US but it is still an alien place to me. I can get into trouble there just by being me. North American’s are mostly Atlantian and although I remember a life in Atlantis, I feel much more at home with Lemurians. That is probably why I live where I do. New Zealand was part of Lemuria and still has mountains that were above the sea in the time of Mu. There are some very old standing stones here too like the one at the head of this post.

I did enjoy the scenery and especially watching the condors over the Grand Canyon. I walked down into the canyon quite a long way but it was nearly mid summer and rather hot at 120 degrees and being labour weekend the whole place was heaving with tourists. All the hotels were full. I had to drive away from the Canyon for about an hour until I could find a bed for the night. The motel I eventually found was exactly on a line of energy. One that I had plotted when mapping the Rods of Power energy network. I wanted to visit the spot anyway in order to check that I had this line in the right place, which it was. I was much revived by tuning into it. When I was back more comfortably in Sedona I asked my guides why they had sent me all the way up to the Grand Canyon when I could have got the same information quite easily in Sedona. They simply said, ‘We thought you would enjoy the trip.’

A few days later was the full moon just before mid summer and I chose that evening to climb up Little Bell Rock. I watched the sun setting behind Cathedral Rock which is another great vortex. Looking at the photo you can see I was definitely in the right place at the right time. I was able to help ground the Magenta Ray to the rock there. The Magenta Ray at that time had only recently been brought down to the Earth plane. I had been a witness to that event and helped to anchor it in. You may be able to feel it from the photo.

Looking at Cathedral Rock from Little Bell Rock at sunset

I sat there lost in the wonder of the place feeling the joy that is Little Bell Rock. 
I was on my own in the middle of nowhere, which is my favourite place to Be. I had not been there long when I was interrupted by a couple that climbed up to join me. He was American and she was from Germany, a photographer. They were there because she wanted to photograph the full moon. We sat there chatting while she waited for the moon to rise over Court House Butt, the huge rocks behind us. She told me she was a dowser and had been mapping energy lines all over Europe! She had also been dowsing in Sedona and told me of a red energy line that along with several others run right through the rock that we were sitting on. Little Bell Rock is a focus. I have visited him again since, he is very definitely male.

I kept in touch with this dowser and her dowsing teacher has checked some of the energy lines I mapped. He confirmed their positions for me because he was easily able to find them on the ground. It gets better. They had discovered some disturbing but interesting facts from their dowsing expeditions which they shared with me. They had been following lines in Europe and discovered that all the Nazi death camps were sited on red energy lines and that these lines then passed through the Nazi initiation chambers. There was an intention behind their madness. Most of the trouble spots in the world coincide with important energy centres. The energy grid that covers Mother Earth is like her life blood to her. The lines are like her arteries and feed her the nourishment she needs. She naturally has a very high energy. It is too high for some and all wars and insurrections have been started on energy centres in part to try and reduce the beneficial effects.

Many thousands of years ago Mother Earth was jarred out of position and lost access to some of the higher frequency energy that would normally sustained her. Originally she had twelve rays of energy feeding her but that was reduced to seven. The good news is that they are all back with more new ones coming in. We are all going up with her.

The sinking of Atlantis was part of the fall event. Ever since then the same vested interests that orchestrated that event have been working to keep Mother earth’s energy low. They may have even been trying to kill her. That is what has been going on with pollution, deforestation etc. It was intentional to keep our energy low. We are waking up to our full potential and that will remove the constraints that has kept us under control.

 The good news is that all this interference is ending. Just recently a new portal opened that brought in a very high feminine energy which will see off those who have been messing about with our world. The new energy is too high a frequency for them to tolerate and they will be forced to leave.

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  1. Ray – You are absolutely radiant in the picture in Avebury, UK with your friends/family. I just love that picture, and the one at the top too, with the rock you are touching. For some reason I am reminded of Stevie Wonder and how he smiles so beautifully – it must be the dark glasses. A wonderful post — thank you! 👍🤩😊

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