Self Help

We’ve spent so much time looking in the wrong place. What a waste of time. You are already there, all you need to do is notice.

Nobody else has your answers. Not the I Ching, not the Tarot  or your Angel Cards. We look into these things to see who we are, where we are going. Of themselves they have all the answers but we don’t need them, you are looking in the wrong direction. It’s astrological bedlam. Everyone you consult says something different. You really don’t need any of this to make a drastic change.

All you have to do is let go of them. Look inside and there you are, smiling. You are Self contained. You have all the answers. To get them you have to be Self sufficient. Don’t rely on anyone else. Not me, not anything outside of you. Most self help systems are only a commercial, a way to make a living, there is nothing wrong with that but… you can do much better.

When you become Self reliant all is very easy. You take each day as it comes and follow where it leads you. That may be lying down and resting without eating for a day or two as I just did or running for the shear joy of it, even shouting at someone. It doesn’t need to make sense. It only needs to be what you feel you need to do right now. It takes a little practice.

We are so cautious. Feeling bad is perfectly fine, feeling totally awful is OK. This is how you get there. Not knowing anything or what to do is brilliant, that means you are really ready. Let it pass – as it will and do anything you feel a need to. Doing that is easy just sit down and do absolutely nothing until you forget what you are doing and do something.

If you’re feeling bad allow it, just watch it and notice. Notice how you feel. You don’t need to do anything about it, just know that everything is going to be fine and it will be. No matter how bad things are, they will have to change. No big effort required be very casual about it. Just forget it and then smile when you notice it resolves perfectly.

Every day will be different which will keep you on your toes. Enjoy it.

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