Selfless love

I have been somewhat depleted after a recent battle with the dark. In my own way I gave as good as I got and undid a major hazard. Such is my role and I usually recover. That is only optional, we each create our own destiny.

The dark only has one strategy, it reverses things. If you turn things around it unravels. This applies to almost anything especially anything dogmatic. We are told this and that… bla bla, but teachings have nearly all been distorted. We have to find our own Truths.

After being close to a wipe out I am feeling my personal power. Who I am is very potent and I am uncovering new truths every day. I am close to being able to share a major piece of work. It will unsettle many preconceptions and dogmas that have crept in.

That is unavoidable, the dark doesn’t like us to know what is really going on. In all of this my love for Mother Earth, Gaia, our planet has grown above almost everything else. She is awesome. Silently at every level she is supporting and helping us. She ignores the costs, as I do and does this willingly, her only real concern is for us. Her love for us is unconditional.

I say it all the time but we need to give back, it completes the cycle.

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