When I do something I am totally committed at every level but I like to have the option to make my own decisions.

I usually do that very fast but if I’m unsure about something I like the time for the answer to drop in. It usually does. Often a situation resolves itself. That is how I operate because it suites me. We each have to find the limits of what is an imposition and what is acceptable.

I’m retired and because I have less outgoings than what is coming in I am comfortable. I have created that. I am not rich but my needs are humble. That means I do what I like, It means I can write this blog and don’t need to earn a living from it.  Actually I have been doing that more or less since I was fifty. That’s over sixteen years now, I’m getting much better at it than I was. I cruise along and am always busy but I often get interrupted. Old clients are always asking me to do things. I wriggle off that hook without offending when I can but sometimes just have to say NO!

Recently I was assumed ill or dead because I wasn’t answering my phone. I was a focus on social media about it but I don’t use that any more. I got rid of my mobile a long time ago and the phone I have now is virtual, a part of my internet connection. I don’t have an answer machine intentionally. You get me or you don’t. I don’t like answerphone messages, they usually want you to do something, something for whoever is calling. If they leave a message as far as they are concerned its done. My friends and family know how to contact me but I am mostly hidden behind my computer.

The only way for old clients to make contact is by email. One very techno babel lady was in a panic because she couldn’t reach me. That was mainly because she was emailing herself not me. We all do things like that. We put it out there ‘what we want’ but do something wrong. We’re running around in circles doing far too much. We get locked in a confused loop and can’t understand why isn’t this working. Perhaps you need to look closely at yourself if that is happening to you.

It’s a bit like those people who think they can multi task. We can’t, we can only split our attention which reduces our efficiency. Until you can function in more than one dimension simultaneously you are stuck with one brain. It works best when in single focus. Do two things at once and that focus is halved. Multi tasking computers need additional threads, additional separate computing power. Even they use a system of focus, doing little bits at a time. One part works out what needs to be done and gives instructions to the others then reassembles and collates the work as its done.

Now this may seem opposite to some of the things I have said recently but I’m only showing the restrictions of how most people operate. When you flow you do the opposite you don’t make plans or try and control what is happening. You go but in your direction, the one that is right for you.

Others, especially evolved others, may notice and want you to join them and flow with them in their direction. They may see your attributes and would like to add them to their own. Mostly that is desirable but sometimes you need to guide yourself in a slightly different direction. I am getting pretty good at side stepping such requests.

Others want you to take charge. I wont make other peoples decisions for them. I help and support when ever I can but have learned from experience that its better to keep a small separation. If you don’t then if things get messy you can get sucked into the mess. My intuition stops that and guides me as do my guides. I try to stay in the flow.

I talk about myself and share my experiences and hopefully that is helpful to others. I have been given information from many different sources. I share it as it comes up. That is often because I have just been triggered by something I’ve heard or read. It tells me that this information might help right now. I say it in my way and try to keep it simple.

If we all gave for the sake of giving, give what we have then it expands the whole. My readership is a coming together in a way. I have readers in very many different countries:
New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Rumania, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Ukraine, China, Korea, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Canada and America of course. I see hits from Togo, Iran, Saudi Arabia and all over the middle east and Africa but this list is not exhaustive those are just the hits on the map for the people who have been in today. I get emails from all over the world, some I even have to translate. My blog is available in local languages as an instant translation. It’s not the whole world yet but I have readers in 116 countries. I have to look some of them up to see where they are. Each person who reads something has a link to me and to all the others. We are joining up slowly. We share a common goal. I live on my own in an isolated place. I rarely see anyone but I have found a way to share who I am without compromising the silence which I love.

Why don’t you do that, share who you are. Share anything you’re good at or perhaps some clear understanding. It can be anything. Do it one to one or in a group. Coming together in any way is well worth it, it is our eventual goal.

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