Slow down to go faster

Do you live in the old world or the new? How can you tell?

I have noticed a definite difference in where I put my focus. I tend to disconnect when I listen to old news. Even talk of the change rather bores me. I don’t have much interest in discussion. I need action. I liven up when I look at new ideas, new ways of solving problems. I experiment.

We are a receiving entity. We receive millions of stimuli that bombard us constantly. Our awareness of what is happening dictates how we react or feel. Sometimes we barely notice because the stimuli becomes too strong. We fragment, torn by so much input. It reduces us. That is why I like silence. From a perspective of inaction you can see more clearly. Any imbalance becomes very obvious because you can focus.

Noise is any stimulus that is not life supporting. There is plenty of that. Our senses drown us in sensation. We can close our eyes and most of it is gone, but sounds, smells, taste and even the sense of touch are ever present. Our senses work together to combine a clear picture. We may feel disconnected when its gone but we’re still there.

What are you sitting or standing on? Even your clothes or lack of them gives a strong impulse. Our health or lack of it…. the list goes on and on.

Our human body is a big receiver, it feels things we don’t. We are sometimes too busy to notice what it is telling us. When we take the space, to be in silence we can feel things it can’t, we can go beyond it. The pace at which we live dictates what we are able to comprehend.

If you drive really fast you need to make split second decisions but only about those things that effect your path. Drive slow and you notice far more as long as the fast drivers don’t bump into you. Collectively we are going somewhere and the speed of our journey is defined by the majority.

I like to make huge leaps rather than small steps. You can do either but if something is reprehensible why tolerate it. Our experiences at the moment is being sabotaged. There are countless attacks on our well being. Why not deal with them all at once. It is possible to remove all harmful agents be they virus, bacteria, chemicals or technology. We live in an idea and have the power to change anything with a thought, if it is expressed correctly. We up the vibration by going above the problem. I think I will do that. Such an endeavour requires a few specialists, people who understand what is involved. I know just the right ones and will get to it when I get a chance.

We think very small, that is what we have been taught. We specialize which isn’t special at all. The more you think the smaller your focus becomes until you only have one subject or part of it to focus on. It refines our thinking to be miniscule.

We can Be very large and expand to any size at all. We are limitless when we join with all of creation. Our minds dismiss that we are powerful because our mind is driving fast and can’t see except what is right in front of it; the thoughts that it is obsessed with at the moment.

The journey time is immaterial when you know a good shortcut. It may be a small winding path but it will get you to your destination long before everybody else. You can saunter along slowly and rearrange the universe as you travel.

PS. We did it. Yes.

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