We are been given many new opportunities and they require a slightly different focus – well actually a complete reset to our thinking. We need to change our energy. The feminine is coming in strongly. I am not talking about gender but all the feminine qualities. They will enhance us no matter what body we wear. They will bring the balance we all need. It is not new but an adjustment that gives us energy that has been missing because it has been surpressed deliberately.

The energy we lived in has been biased towards the masculine but in an extremely negative way. You see this coming out of Hollywood in a tiresome parade of violent films geared to dull our feelings and to make us expect catastrophe. If you watch or play their silly games you can’t help but loose all sense of who you are. You become dull and life is no fun any more. Even brilliant writers fall for the idea that you need antagonists in order to make their stories interesting. We can do so much better than that.

We are going up in vibration. What is new is the relative intensity of this new energy. Nobody can avoid it and it is linking us to who we are by removing what isn’t. It is being exposed and  falls away. We don’t need machines or drugs to expand our awareness we have this built in and is happening quite effortlessly. We don’t need controls. We are becoming who we are but need to drop some of the things we may think are important.

Let me give you an example. We have been trained to be competitive. That is all around us in every walk of life and anything we do. We are encouraged to make it to the top, to be the best, to win. There is nothing more disparaging than to be told you are a looser. What about them?

This type of elitism doesn’t serve us any more, it only serves the few who have been controlling what we do. In contrast nurturing is a feminine attribute every mother has but fathers have it too. Complete support for everyone by both parents and their extended family is the natural way. No one need be left behind or ignored no matter who they are. We all go up together.

I have seen this in operation in Africa, in Gambia, which is a matriarchy, at least it was when I was there about sixteen years ago. The women made the important decisions not the men. It gave the country a different stance. They held responsibility for the entire family. The small children are all cared for communally in the main family compound. They are never a burden and life is much easier. Each one was considered a part of the family by their many extended relations. Every parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent  considered them all to be their children. They had very little in the way of possessions but that impressed me. Each child was given exactly what they needed and they all grow up caring for each other. We can learn from them.

Children in the street were cared for by everyone in the town. I saw a very small child fall into an open sewer. The sewer was not very deep but carried what you would expect. In poor countries nothing is hidden, its all out in the open. My Gambian friend stopped immediately and cleaned the little girl up at a communal tap. That was normal behaviour, they care for each other. I saw things like that happen all the time. My friend didn’t know the little girl or her family but she wasn’t frightened of him. I find it very interesting that Gambia is a Muslim country. I felt very safe there.

Our daily lives has been a hard world of survival. We are uncomfortable because that is not how it should be. We carry a burden, all we have to do is put it down. We need to let go of those things that aren’t us. If you do it personally the rest will follow.

It has been very much survival of the fittest. That has not been of the best but usually those who fight the hardest and trample over the rest. Selfish and usually immoral people did rather well…. they wont any more. Our heroes will become less desirable when their pinnacle is normal.

We are being directed towards a more humanitarian way, a way in which we each nourish and support each other. That’s not hard or difficult. We can do what we most enjoy and share that with each other. It doesn’t matter what this is, you already know, its what you love to do. If you are enjoying life that rubs off.

Most of the drudgery is unnecessary. There are solutions coming which will remove the need for most of what we hate. None of the mess is our fault other than we have had to participate. We had no choice but now we do. We can remove the tarnish and rebuild our world very quickly once we have access to technology that has been withheld from us. Start desiring it now fervently and that will help it come more quickly.

Most of our occupations are designed to promulgate money and the systems it controls. Most laws are designed to protect the money not us. Money has no real value. It is a stagnant energy at the moment because it is in the hands of a few and doesn’t flow but that is being corrected too. You will find as I did, that when you have enough, money doesn’t really matter any more.

How do you get there?

That is actually happening on a global scale. You may not have noticed but the bad things are slowly going away. If you look beyond the clamour of the media declaring that it hasn’t, you will discover many exciting things. The pockets of war are getting smaller and slowly disappearing. That is only the first step, solutions to everything are well on the way.

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  1. Ray – Thank you for giving me a heads up … this sounds like a great new tool for me to incorporate into my tools for trudging through my karmic drudgery tundra. Yippee!

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