Star Gazing

The journey of awakening starts when you become aware that all is not well in the world. Investigating this you uncover a horrendous web of intrigue and lies. Moving on eventually you look for solutions. Is anyone one doing anything about the mess?

If you continue looking you soon find that there is. What you find is usually in stages. A global plan that includes positive military right through to a massive galactic wide project that has been hundreds of years in the making.

It is a progression that has steps and I have skipped quite a few. We each one of us are drawn to particular information. We each have a gift that can assist. My gift is seeing the future. It is easy for me because that is where I come from. It is not a place, it is who we are.

I just read an article which was a look at the future by one of the top futurists. Yes that is a word apparently. What struck me most was how little in had to do with people. It didn’t inspire me at all. More of the same old, same old boring stuff. Stuff with no awareness or accountability just technical wizardry that sounded very dull. Brainwave analysis that can trigger technology. How crude when it should be the other way around.

These are grounded and genuine people with absolutely no vision. Vision means being able to see, not hypothesise, extrapolating from something you already know. The most innovative thing they could come up with was a way to print 3D clothes. How boring. The medical advancements was all about diagnosing how ill everyone will be, dying from chronic disease which they can see really early but do very little about. How short sighted and depressing. The three D world is dead we need to move on.

Vision means looking. Looking ahead putting your awareness in the future. I can do that. We all can. It is simply a question of focus. There are no limits on who you are. At this moment we are manifesting what comes next with every thought that we have. What thoughts we have are very important which is why I share this now.

I have spoken about this many times before but it bears repeating.  Let me take you to where I come from.

I will deal with the unimportant things first.

War is a thing of the past. Something that is no longer important enough to even think about. It was a construct that was used to control us and not who we are. Money was gradually phased out. It is not a particularly useful way to exchange energy, everything is free. The idea of lack is no longer necessary.

Energy is free from devices that do not pollute or contaminate or use any fuel. They work by harnessing the energy that is all around us.

The demise of agriculture happened fairly fast because it was no longer required. No chemical based industrialised or even organic, no permaculture, no sustainable anything. No Raw food grown to be eaten. Nothing at all. None of this is necessary any more.

What is even better is you can eat anything at all. Raw if you want or fast if you don’t, it doesn’t matter, it will all sustain you and give you the nutrition you need. What you eat is just a personal preference. Food is completely absorbed and leaves no waste products at all; no toxins, no excretions, no sewage. No waste, no landfill, no rusting hulks. No petroleum product, no plastic bags. You can make a meal in an instant using a thought but you can do it the hard way if you really want.

No timber required, no deforestation, no forestry sustainable or otherwise. Trees can grow for themselves. Re-forestry.

No manufacturing – no industrial anything. No longer needed at all. Artisans are valued highly making single items to share not to sell.

Most of the things we used were replaced by one single technology we already know but have only seen in the movies. It’s called a replicator. But is far more sophisticated than the ones in Startrek. No spoken commands, all technology is telepathic and responds to directed thoughts. We needed to remember how to do that but it’s not hard. The replicator can make anything. There are certain items that are not life supporting which are not allowed. Making them revokes the privilege of using this device. We have to be responsible but it can provide everything from the smallest to the largest items without using any of our dear Earth’s resources. Food, shelter, clothing, housing for every single person. No one is left out in the cold or the heat. It also acts as garbage disposal unit unmaking anything that isn’t required. No landfill or waste left for our children’s children to deal with.

If this sounds fanciful know that we have had these devices for years but they have been shelved, deliberately hidden from us. There are much more advanced models which will be given to us by our brethren from the stars. They will be with us sooner than you think. Their job is to help us remember who we are and to supply technology to remove the chains we have had to content with for the last few millennia. Our history will be rewritten, we will know who we are and where we come from.

No cars. No transportation apart from leisure craft. No trains, buses or aircraft. We will be travelling very fast – instantly on the planet and close to it, using teleportation devices. We will also have craft that can take us to the stars and way out to the farthest galaxies through star gates and more….

No solid state computers no hardware to speak of, everything is light based and instant with no more delays. We will have access to all knowledge and education is very easy and fun. Communications is by 3D hologram. We can visit our family and friends no matter where we are to sit and chat with them as if we were there or they are with us. We can even visit and view what we call the past.

We also clean up the Earth removing all of the pollution damage and scars. It won’t take long with all of our focus and a little help from some sophisticated technology our star brethren will give us. We will do the work because it is our responsibility.

Now that I have the mundane and boring stuff out off the way let me look at who we are to become.

We are no longer in limited consciousness restricted to one planet with no memory of who we are. No more disease. No more restraints. We have our full potential and can follow any desire we may have to its fulfilment. We live together in harmony with all of creation celebrating all that Is. We are able to go anywhere see anything we desire, be who we are. We are going to be more than we can imagine.

We each have a journey mapped out to help us grow and understand more of who we are with mentors to assist us. Guides that are no longer invisible. We live very long lives, as long as we require, in an extended family of souls who we already know. We are.

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