Star Kids

Have you come across any of the new kids yet? You will recognize them immediately if you do – it’s mainly in their eyes. They show you a sense of knowingness normally reserved for an enlightened master.

If you have one in your family then you will already know what I mean. These star bright children have abilities that we can only imagine. Managing them can be a bit of a challenge. The first thing to realize is that you can’t change them, they just are….

You will hurt yourself if you try, so don’t, just let them Be. They are themselves and it’s much easier for you both if you accept this from the start. Who they are will emerge eventually…. well probably.

Don’t try to categorise them and put them in a box – indigos or crystals. That’s not helpful and is not real anyway, it was just someone’s idea of how to rationalise who they are. Thinking in a conventional way doesn’t work with them. They are just children and like every one they are all different. They are advanced beings and have abilities and learn by osmosis but essentially they are the same. They are reasonable if you are confidant and firm with them. They respond well to someone who takes charge, like any child. If you don’t take on the adult role you will make them feel insecure and they will try to take charge of you. This is something they are not ready for and their behaviour may get out of control. If this goes on too long a bit of tough love may be required.

All they need is a little guidance and a good routine. Stimulate their imagination above all else. Never let them think that there are things that just can’t be done. They may not have had a body before and don’t understand how it works. They can heal themselves if you tell them they can. Get them to do it at night.

One star kid that I know healed a broken big toe. He was taken to the doctor who said yes it was almost certainly broken. There is no x-ray machine here, the nearest is two hours away which with the hospital waiting time makes it a whole day’s trip. They strapped his toe up to the next toe but after a few days of suffering he had had enough. His mother had to explain to him what he needed to do, that the bones needed to knit back together. As soon as he understood he fixed it overnight and was out playing football the next day.

Sometimes they need to be given a little motivation. Remove something they enjoy until they have cured that dreadful cold. You will be surprised how quickly the coughing and sneezing stops. Because they are not familiar with having a human body they simply don’t notice or don’t understand how to take care of it. Guidance may not work, they may have no idea what you are talking about. Keep it simple but be specific. They can feel what you are talking about even if they don’t understand the words. Even very young children will get the idea.

Point out what they need to do but not how. You will be amazed…

We all have their abilities too. The difference is that they don’t have the inhibitions that have been cultivated in our society. That is one of their roles. To show us what we can do.

They can push your buttons if you let them. Parenting is not a job for the weak hearted. You should remember that you signed up for this when you created your life agreement before coming to Earth. Get used to it. It’s not going to go away. The reason you signed up is because it will make you grow –  really fast.

Speed can be very exhilarating but it’s not always comfortable. Unfortunately you have no choice in this for the moment. Never try to out think them they will run rings around you. Instead be fun and completely and utterly unpredictable. That should keep them amused. The good news is that most of the dark stuff they could have fallen into is out of the way and shouldn’t cause problems any more. You still need to be alert and able to act quickly at all times.

Let me give you an example.

One ten year old I was looking after was given a crystal by a guest who felt he needed to give it to him. Yes, he needed to give the crystal away because it was being used to control this person. He was a light worker and had the best of intentions but he had a weakness, he was a compulsive gambler. This weakness had given the dark a way in. Unknown to him he was being manipulate and heavily controlled by a dark angel.

The star kid hung the crystal around his neck but after a while became rather uncomfortable. He felt the wrongness and acted intuitively. Using some magic of his own he reversed the trap and managed to imprison the dark angel in the crystal but was somewhat freaked out by the experience. He had struggled with this powerful being which can’t have been a pleasant interaction. His mother, a strong intuitive, was no help because she had already been caught by another crystal that the same person had given her. It was a rather nasty but very clever trap that caught her higher aspect leaving only her lower levels functioning.

The star kid having vanquished his foe and with a little fear in his eyes handed the crystal to me. He expected me as an adult in charge of him to be able to handle the situation.


Star children are not for the fear filled. You have to act quickly and be ready for anything. You can’t do that if you live in your head. Thoughts are way to slow, that’s when intuition comes to your rescue and you do things instantly. I called in Metatron and gave the crystal to him. He assisted me and the dark angel is now a light angel or so the child told me.


There was a lot more, I had to deal with his mother too but you get the rough idea. I needed to remain outwardly and emotionally calm. This kid is empathic, telepathic and notices everything even when he’s asleep. He was so upset that he slept on a sofa in the lounge until we all went to bed. He is now rather wary of crystals which is probably a good thing.

If your little one goes outside and removes the chem trails including the plane, as he once did, you need to be quite casual about it. Treat it as a normal everyday occurrence and what ever you do, do not freak out.

Another guest who was there at the time rather thoughtlessly demanded, ‘Where the fuck’s the plane!!!!’

I had to reassure the child that sure the pilot was OK, he’s just on a different time line, smiling at him with fingers crossed. The star child sighed with relief and went off to play ignoring our somewhat speechless and still mildly hysterical guest. Sadly he was reluctant do it again.

You can fall to pieces later if you need to but try not to do it in front of them. Such experiences leave them open and vulnerable and they need your unwavering support. Treat it just like anything else they do. Learn to project a sense of everything is OK, which of course it is.

The big secret with all this that helps make everything make more sense is that you are a star kid too. We all are but unlike them we forgot. Their job is to remind us.

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