Stone Circles

A stone circle is a composite entity and has a collective awareness.

This may be pushing the boundaries of your credibility but I am only sharing my awareness not imposing it. Take on what feels comfortable, you can stop reading any time you like.

Every single part of creation is aware, is a conscious part of the whole. That also applies to stone circles. Think of them like the group experience of a flock of birds or school of fish. Each stone has its own identity but is a part of their collective group and shares that energy. They don’t say I they say we. Yes they can communicate. If you are open they will but only if it is appropriate and you can tune in to them. That is easy just Be with them and let them notice you. If they have something to say they will. You can also ask questions.

The druids did not build the stone circles. That information was promoted by an enthusiastic amateur archaeologist who first mapped Stonehenge and was somewhat enamoured by the druids. Stone circles are very old and are everywhere. Here in New Zealand that knowledge is being suppressed by the government but there are stone circles here. Michael Tellinger has publicised Adams calendar which is an ancient stone circle in South Africa. Like pyramids circles and standing stones of various sorts pop up everywhere.

They exist in multiple dimensions as we do and their physical aspect is only the most dense. We can perceive them through our five senses but we are able to perceive much more. That requires a certain amount of application and a little open mindedness. Like us they are an individual expression of all of creation and like us they are not confined to one plane of existence. They are multi dimensional beings. They may not move about in a physical way but they can move their awareness.

That is why even though stones have been removed or have fallen they still function. Avebury Ring is a good example. Most of the stones have been removed but only at the physical level. If you are able to look into other dimensions you can still see them.

At one point I was asked by Saint Germain to collect stones together to make a stone circle. It was going to be the focus of a portal. When I started that project I could see all the stones in a misty other dimension. They were there on land that we owned and was to be their chosen location. I could see them before I started, not in this reality but in a higher density. My task was simply to collect them together in this density in order to bring their energy down to this level. Unfortunately that task had to be abandoned.

A stone circle has a function and like most of creation they are multi-functional. Like us they do many things. Stonehenge for example is not a chakra as some people may tell you. It is a bi-directional gateway that reaches out to the stars in the Orion’s Belt and is not just confined to Salisbury Plain. It is positioned over a power point not actually a power in itself. It marks one and directs the energy. The outer ring has been removed by man. The power was turned off or made dormant and its energies moved by the Elohim. They did that because enthusiastic people, who where not very aware, where doing things there that could have harmed them. If it hasn’t been turned back on then it will be when it is appropriate. A heart link can be felt there because it is close to the heart centre and on one of the main energy lines connected directly to it. The heart  centre itself is huge and covers an enormous area. Greater Britain is an important place because it lies over the heart centre of our planet. Like our own heart there are many lines of energy running into and from it. They are at a relative size and over sixty miles wide which gives you an idea of the size of the heart centre.

Standing stones and stone circles are where they are for a good reason. They enhance and create functionality for naturally occurring energies. They are attuned to them and if you visit you may be able to experience a higher level density. Be guided by your own awareness and purpose as to whether to link in with them or not.

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