Take a daily Holiday

The sun rises every day but do you notice?
Is your world coloured by the dawn or are you still asleep?
Do you give yourself the time to watch as darkness is dispelled by light?

I don’t just mean this metaphorically.
The rhythm of most peoples daily lives is upside down. They stay up late to enjoy some badly needed leisure time then scramble out of bed (at the last possible minute) to rush into their day.

This break neck speed leaves very little time to sit and enjoy the changing colours.

If this describes you then give yourself a break. Even if you have a daily routine of meditation or yoga – some relaxation technique – take time out everyday just for You.

Just sit and Be with yourSelf doing absolutely nothing…

Make the time, it’s really worth it.
Ideally watch the dawn or sunset, it doesn’t last for long, but any time of day will do. Sit somewhere you like preferably in nature.

If you do it regularly you will notice many things.
Your body may tell you that its tired, hungry or has some hurt that you simply haven’t been aware of.

It could be that your mind is in a whirl or there is some strong emotion needing to express itself.

We can be so caught up in these things that we forget to do anything about them. We become acclimatized to discomfort and ignore the symptoms. Doing absolutely nothing brings them to our attention.

Even a balanced individual with very little stress in their lives is on the spot at the moment. The energy pouring into our world has become so strong that we are changing every single second. Time out will give you the chance to notice if there is something you need to do.

Layers of dark are being lit up at last and this can be a little uncomfortable. Allow the process to proceed by stepping back a bit.
It won’t take long and the wonder of it all is that the darkness we have all endured for so long will soon be gone for good.

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