The Buddha Inside

Having discovered my own true identity, what I call the Buddha inside, the next trick is how to express it or release it as a 3D and higher experience. To do that require letting go of the fabrication we all are.

The layers of illusion that surround us, our memories, our personal identity, what we think of as self, even our bodies is only a mirage. You don’t let go of who you are just the imperfections which you aren’t.

I have always felt the who that I am and people feel it when they try to dominate or move me to do their will. That isn’t possible. It has been said that I am stubborn, that my ego gets in the way. I have always felt the connection to the vastness of who I Am. Some might retort that this is just ego. Ego is valuable it is partly what defines us but I Am not a mouse at this level, I Am an elephant. I can’t be shoved about. I don’t have to prove it or defend it, this is who I Am. I know it. I am comfortable and am happy for anyone to question it. It makes no difference to me.

What I find interesting is learning how to bring out what I have found. To Be me. The light being I perceived seated in lotus radiating truth and Love – the nature of the Divine – is part of the Love expressed. That is who you are too, you have only to look and you will find this.

It is there and I have revealed it within myself, nothing can deny it, and the desire to Be it is perhaps enough. Thinking is hard, Being is easy. That is the journey.

In case you are wondering my car is working again. There was a second smaller dead rat that was shorting out the electrics. Once removed the car revved back to life. I also have a new kettle and two huge boxes full of my latest book. All of this arrived at the full moon.

Publishing a book takes a fair while especially if you get attacked by the dark along the way. It can be a long process anyway and this one was written over a year ago. Reading it again was revealing. What is really funny is that what I have discovered just now is exactly what I have written about! If you read it you will see we are all going to do this together and for some reason that I don’t know, it needs to be written down.

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