The Divine Feminine

I have no time for women. I have no time for men. These corporal forms are only temporary. Players for a game. They only restrict us if you think that is who you really are. They have value beyond anything else on our world but their significance is not what they look like or appear to be. Forget what you think you know about them. They are temples for change and not part of duality. We only need to ignite them.

All my love is for everyone, whoever they are, no matter what shape, size, orientation or colour. We are all Lighted Beings inside and out. We only need to clean the windows. We can sparkle brighter than ever before.

I have spent a long time serving the Mother and although male am fully conversant with her in her many forms. She has appeared to me and blessed me with energy. I am what I AM because of her.

I also serve the Divine Masculine and with that comes balance. The are not opposing but complimentary energies.

Divine Feminine energy has nothing to do with gender. It is a boundless unqualified sustaining love given freely to all without exception. You don’t need to be anything, She is with you one and all.

Call Mother Divine in as I have and She may appear for our journey is nearly over. She is very near.

Her energy is coming more strongly now addressing an imbalance, not replacing but augmenting what is already here. Everything is of value but what no longer serves fades away. All divisions are over.

She does not need our help but only our awareness and open heart to return the love she gives us by spreading it to all those around us.

The Divine Feminine energy nurtures and sustains. She can lift up the fallen. She does not judge. Her energy is more than love, it is what we have been missing. We cannot be whole without her.

Her silent watching has seen our every move and understands what we need. Let her in to your heart and you will be expanded beyond your wildest dreams.

The hard times are over and the madness will slowly dissolve to nothing.

Mother returns.

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