The Elohim

Who created us, our planet, the universe everything?
These are simple questions we all ponder at one time or another. The answers aren’t that easy to obtain. Science is good at describing and hypothesizes how things happen but it doesn’t actually tell us who made what or why.

Let’s look at it slightly differently.
Who made the house you live in?
You, the architect, the builder or his crew?

I would like to introduce you to some of the Divine crew, the Elohim, the Masters of Light.

Every day brings us a million opportunities. We decide which ones to take by exerting our free will. As we advance in our awareness we begin to realize that we are the ones responsible for everything around us. We can then start to create our own opportunities. We do this knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes the desire for change comes from deep inside. This is how I met the Els. The Els are a sub group within the Elohim. But I won’t get ahead of myself let me first set the scene.

Towards the end of the nineties I was somewhat broke – again. A major piece of work, which was six months of hard slog, had just gone belly up. Instead of being rather rich I got paid nothing. I had been working for a couturier designer through a back door. He had his own design team but I was doing some cutting edge work for him that no one else knew about. This is normal in that cut throat world. My only contact with the client was someone who worked for him occasionally. He was a stylist who worked with all the top designers and a friend of my business partner. I trusted him to look after our interests but this stylist ingested something he shouldn’t then went swimming somewhere in the south of France had a heart attack and drowned. My work was nearly finished but I hadn’t been paid and it was very unlikely that I ever would. The designer was famous enough that we could not reach him directly without our contact.

I normally work freelance but was forced to take a job for a short time. Finding work was very synchronistic. I went into the local Job Centre as they were called in those days. I was determined to take absolutely anything that I could find, gardening, labouring, anything. I just needed something to tide me over until I could find some freelance work. That would take time and I had rent to pay and food to buy and I had been hanging on for quite a while.

Totnes where I was living is a small rural town in south Devon, UK. It’s not a high tech place but a small market town with a large alternative community. In the job center jobs were posted on cards all around the walls. The first card I looked at was very prominent right in the entrance and on its own board. It was offering work for a web designer. This was in the days when web design was only just beginning to be taught. Experienced designers, which I was, were a rare breed.

I called them and sent in my portfolio and was taken on straight away. I worked for the company for about six months. I left once I got too busy to go to work. I was back on my feet but continued to do the odd job for them freelance. They passed on work that was either too complicated for their own staff or needed a sophisticated look. One client they passed on to me wanted a visit to discuss the work. They were London based which was a three hour trip by train, tube and bus. Their office when I eventually found it was in a cheap part of North London. I arrived somewhat travel weary but more or less on time to find that there was no one there!

They turned up eventually over an hour late. They were a group of young guys who were starting a photographic agency. They had been out partying all night and it seemed likely they were going to continue to party all day. They started smoking dope and didn’t seem terribly interested in me. I was a bit irritated, I don’t do drugs and have very little time for those that do. I waited patiently until they were ready which was another half an hour. It was hard to get a clear brief from them because it seemed like they didn’t really know what they wanted. The only thing that was obvious was that they didn’t really want to talk to me. I cut the meeting short and made my way home.

It turned out that the owner of the company I had been working for was a close friend of the main man behind the new agency. He had sent me to them as a favour and wasn’t going to charge a full fee for the work his company did. The new agency didn’t really want me because they didn’t like my particular design style but they did want the expensive backend database work my old boss had offered. I discovered this when I spoke to one of the database programmers who ran the office as I was reporting in. I stopped taking on freelance work from my former boss after that.

The next morning back at home in Devon after a totally wasted day I was determined not to have to go through anything like that again. I sat down and meditated for while. I went very deep and in that silent place I asked for work, something positive that would use all of my abilities and also help the world. I stayed with this feeling for a time then then let it go.

Unknown to the me back then this is a very powerful way to manifest. A day or so later the phone rang. It was a good friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for a while. He said he had just met someone who might have some work for me. He was only ringing to introduce him and this person would ring me himself shortly. All he really told me was that it involved maps. I had trained and worked as a cartographer for fifteen years so this was something I could do.

The client phoned and we had a conversation but he was rather vague. It appeared he expected me to know what he wanted me to do intuitively I was a bit confused but he said he would send me a book about his work and hung up. The book when it arrived was called “The World Restored Not Destroyed” and was channeled messages from a group called the Els. It made no sense to me at the time. How was I supposed to map anything from these strange messages?

This client called again a few days later and seemed to expect me to understand what he was doing and be in tune with his work. I told him I didn’t see anything I could map in his book. He seemed surprised but said he would send me another book that did have some information that I could use. I thought ok but perhaps not.

The second book arrived on a sunny Saturday morning. It was a lovely day. I had moved to what was a wing of an old manor house way out in the country. It was in a beautiful place high up on the north side of Dartmoor. I started to open the book but as I did I felt a presence behind me and turned and saw an enormous Being standing there. He was insubstantial and projected himself as a misty grey smoke like substance that shone internally but he looked very real. It was the only time I have seen an El but I can still speak to them and do so occasionally. We started a conversation.

He had come he said to ask me to take on the work. I was very reluctant but he was gently persuasive. He was also huge. The room I was in was on the first floor of a building which had very high ceilings. I felt that he was standing on the ground and yet he towered above me. It seemed a very natural experience which is a part of the magic of the Els.

So what is an El?
Els are multi dimensional Beings of light. They are part of the group called the Elohim. The way they describe themselves is probably easiest to understand. They are beyond form and are beings of light and they sit before God. On the one side you have the Angelic host who are the feminine aspect of all that is. The Elohim sit on the other side, and are the source of all life. They are sometimes known as the Creator Gods. They create whole worlds, whole concepts. They are responsible for physicality. They are the master builders who created everything you see around you. They have power beyond our ability to comprehend at this point in time.

They are also pure Love. It is not possible to be fearful in their presence. It felt quite normal and unexceptional to be conversing with this huge being. I really enjoy their energy and it is familiar to me. I spent eight years working with them and in all that time I never once lost my delight at being with them. Their kindness and consideration for me has always blown me away.

I have worked with the ones known as the Ascended Masters but never felt any strong connection to them. They are positive and exceptional beings but their intimate understanding of us humans can make them quite hard task masters. I have also sat at the feet of an enlightened master but his bright flame was like a candle when compared to the sun. The Elohim’s energy is vast and all powerful but is also Divine. I always found being with them a wonderful and uplifting experience.

I did write up a document about the early work we did together. It is a bit out of date and rather stylized. The Els spoke to a small group who were all elderly and rather formal. Instead I have made a website that goes into detail about where the energy lines run, view it here.

The Rods of Power are energy lines which circle around and run through our Mother Earth. I mapped some of this network based on work the Els did to repair it. The network had been damaged in a cataclysmic event called the fall that happened many thousands of years ago. Originally there were twelve rays of energy that nourished our planet but after the fall only seven rays still reached her and our planet became denser. The fall was therefore also a fall in consciousness.

In the early nineteen seventies, in preparation for what is happening now, the Els started to repair the system and brought back the five missing rays. I was present and helped anchor in the Magenta ray when it was brought in. The Magenta Ray is a high frequency energy that promotes harmony and balance. The Els brought in new energies to help revive and uplift our planet. They completed that particular task in the early two thousands and the Rods are all functioning perfectly. The Elohim are busy repairing other aspects of Mother Earth helping to bring her back to her pristine glory. They are preparing her and us for our ascension.

The spate of earthquakes across the globe may be due to these adjustments. Both Atlantis and Lemuria are re-surfacing. The rise of ancient Lemuria accounts for all the activity in what is called ‘the ring of fire’. The last work I did with the Els concerned creating a shock absorber system to prevent possible collateral damage in SW Britain when the Earth is moved back to its rightful position.
NOTE: Since writing this post this has now happened see confirmation

The Elohim are busy rebuilding not just our world but also the rest of our solar system. As I understand it the asteroid belt are the remains of a planet, a huge water world, which is due to be completely restored. It was destroyed in an enormous battle. At the time it was the main head quarters for the dark faction in our galaxy. Think Star Wars only the galaxy was not far, far away. These events were very much closer to home.

Have a look on the internet and see what is happening out in the Atlantic. The evidence indicates that the ocean floor is rising. Large Pyramids and other structures have been found under the water.

A great deal of our history is missing or has been totally fabricated to help keep us in ignorance. We have a lot to learn. Even the physical structure of our world is very different from what is taught. Humans have been here a very long time not the few thousand years science admits.

I have come across many stone circles in my travels. They are everywhere all around the globe, even in New Zealand. Some of the most interesting are in Africa. There is a stone circle similar to Stonehenge in South Africa. Evidence from volcanic eruption indicates that they are hundreds of thousands of years old. (See the work of Michael Tellinger)

The Els are refurbishing our entire solar system. We have many wonders coming. One of the last things they told us was to expect to meet our star brethren perhaps sooner than we think. They also told us that they would come and walk among us, not with their full essence perhaps but with enough so that we can communicate. I look forward to it.

It has come to my attention that there is some disinformation on the Internet about the Elohim. It counts them as negative beings. It has been said they Anunaki and the Elohim are the same. Perhaps the Anunnaki would like to be considered Creator Gods but that is definitely not their role. Unlike the Ascended Masters very few people interact with the Elohim so there is very little direct experience. That is not because they don’t wish it, it is just that very few people vibrate in a way that makes this possible. That will change as we rise higher. The fact that there is disinformation about an almost unknown group of Beings should tell you how important they really are.

I have written another post about them and you can read it here.

If you want a read a message from the Elohim you can do so here. It is a channeled message but I resonate with it and the wording is very much what I was used to when I was working with the Els.

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