The Energy grids

OK so who feels like they are drowning in discomfort can’t sleep, are tired all the time etc. If you do that is a really easy to fix. There is nothing to it.

You are in control. Decide everything is fine and it is. Don’t even bother with how, no manifesting or doing anything required. It just is. You can be at deaths door, suicidal doesn’t matter all you have to do is let that go with a conscious decision and it will disappear. I find it usually happens overnight but there are no rules. You can hang onto it if you want but you have this get out as an option. Nothing can stop you if that is your conscious choice. Once you drop it it’s gone.

Now I have given you this knowledge for a reason. What I am going to share is heavy duty. I and many others have come here to fix things; to enable the world to unfold as it is supposed to. We each have a little bit of knowing and a little bit of power. When I say a little bit, it is actually unbounded, I am talking of in comparison to everything else that is happening at a galactic level and at every level of creation around us.

The physical Earth our planet is only one aspect of creation, like us She has many. Most notable and important is the energy grids that enfold her. Most of us can’t perceive them but they are there and are very important to all of our well being. In the late Atlantian period we were changed, reduced and we went to sleep. That is a euphemism for some very nasty action designed to make us into slaves. That is being undone which is another reason why you may be uncomfortable at the moment. Your chains are being taken off.

Part of the methodology used to control us was the use of dark energy grids. The dark energy required to keep these in place historically has been violence usually genocide. The most notorious of these happened in the second world war. It is why the Jews were killed. It is relatively easy to show that all the gas chambers align to specific energy lines. They can be mapped by dowsers and that has been done. It goes back centuries and is still happening today in places like Iraq which is a very important feminine energy centre. Many countries have this in their pasts and always in specific spots. The war in Vietnam heavily effected California because they are on the same energy line. It is not random. That was intentional. California and San Francisco in particular was waking up and needed to be put back to sleep. The dark energy overlaid the natural energy grid and distorted it in specific ways. It has helped to keep us all in thrall.

The effect of the second world war was very damaging and it was at this point that our planet requested help. We, the baby boomers born just after the second world war in the late forties and early fifties, came here in response to her request. As we grew we became the hippy movement, the environmentalists the very many spiritual seekers and we stimulated the wave of change that started in the late sixties and is now coming to its full fruition. We are now mature and those of us who survived are very powerful.

I have spent a lot of time clearing the remnants of negative energies all over the world. Here in New Zealand many atrocities were locked into the ground when whole villages were slaughtered by invading tribes. Now I am not apportioning blame. These actions were stimulated by entities that are not even of this planet. They live mostly in the lower forth dimension and feed off this kind of energy and purposely stimulated these actions. Their time has passed and they are being removed. There are still a few and some even inhabit human bodies. Mostly they are or were leaders in our society. I wont point a finger because that will make a lot of people very uncomfortable and serves no real purpose.

The main feeds to all the energy grids comes from the galactic centre. The main energy network that distributes that energy and keeps our planet alive was damaged when the Atlantians blew themselves up and sank that continent. It had an effect on our collective awareness, we like the Earth became more dense and dropped in consciousness. This main energy network has been repaired and has been working perfectly for the last fifteen or twenty years. I was involved in the tail end of that project but it took over thirty years. The Beings involved are also rectifying other damage to our planet, the continents that sank are coming back up. Earth is being rejuvenated.

There is also repair work being done throughout our entire solar system. The asteroid belt used to be a huge planet and is being rebuilt as is Mars and Venus. We will eventually have four very beautiful and habitable water worlds in our solar system. We will migrate to them, actually relatively soon, and is one of the reasons there are seven billion of us here. We will all have plenty of room.

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