The Flow

I have been looking at the state of things around me from my silence. I look to see what needs changing. What is not life supporting and needs to be removed.

That may seem strange to think I can do that, make a change happen. We do it all the time but seldom notice. Our personal thoughts get in the way and makes our awareness too noisy. The changes that we make are subtle, let me call them ‘impulses’ they appear to be thoughts but have power because they come from Source. They aren’t our personal thoughts and the distinction is important. You need to be pretty silent to notice them. They come from our massive collective awareness. Not just the humans who live on Earth, it is far more, it stems from the root of all creation, the wholeness that we all are. When you tune in you become a conduit and ground this energy.

On my own I can’t do much but when flowing with the Divine nothing can stop these impulses from manifesting. We magnify them by being aware, we help them to become more concrete. We are extremely powerful when we do this. That is part of our role as a Light Worker. We create the new reality, individually and as a collective.

One impulse that is getting stronger is to completely change the paradigm, to change the way people, especially young people, view violence.

The dark is very clever it has brain washed most of our new generations to see violence especially female violence as funny. It is in all the popular media; the films, cartoons, computer games and books. It started long ago. When I was very young cartoons first introduced the idea. We have been taught to see outrageous violence as funny and therefore acceptable. What is especially difficult is that violence by women is considered extremely funny. Misplaced behaviour triggers an autonomous reaction that has been carefully and intentionally crafted.

I watched this creeping in. Bad ass women become heroes. The dark is chauvinistic, male dominated and warrior led. That is being reflected at us in our entertainment. The block buster movies are mainly cartoons, they don’t reflect real values. Female energy has been subverted and given a dark distortion, what might be considered a masculine role.

I stepped out of that world a long time ago but I have been checking into the mainstream and from my silence I view the changes since I last did that. It has been ramped up greatly. People hardly notice. If you are a part of the normal world the creeping advance is slow and perhaps barely discernible but now it is time to stop it. To change these values and move them in a different direction. The transformation we live in needs to embrace the Divine Feminine.

I am not alone, I am only voicing what I feel. Every sentient being in the rest of the galaxy and perhaps much further is behind us. Because we are incarnate here we have a the ability to change how others view their world. Trillions of beings are projecting love towards us. We can bring it into our reality.

Join us, and help magnify this impulse.

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