The Future is Bright

When you don’t fit – anywhere – there may be a reason. In my case I tell people it’s because I come from the future. Any reaction you have to that is fine.


Time is not what you think it is. It isn’t linear for a start. You can access any part of it. I remember odd bits of the future as well as bits of the past but like all of us I am stuck in the now. I can move the now around. It can be confusing but I manage. We’ll get there soon and you will see.

Up until now in my blog I have kept some opinions to myself. I don’t like to offend but feel that it is time to explore a wider format. I am giving you a glimpse into my world take it as you like.

Money is totally unnecessary.

I have frequently and am often happiest when giving my services to others for nothing. That is normal to me. I don’t understand the need for commerce. Why charge. Money doesn’t do anything. I find it such a bore. Being bored means you are disconnected from Source, like dark beings and yes didn’t they give us money. I’m not being naive and know how to manifest anything I want. I did that once to make myself very rich. I know what it’s like to be a multi millionaire. But no thanks not a good place to be. I didn’t like that at all and un-manifested my wealth just as easily as I created it.

My views aren’t particularly palatable to most people. Let me give you another example.

Tiny houses!
Give me a break, I lived in a small van for a while but I like a little comfort, actually I like a lot of comfort why skimp. They’re cheap, yes. But if you can manifest anything why do small. Think big.

Green thinking is dated.
It is well past its sell by date. It was another good idea that has been diverted. It is too restrictive and makes life hard. Quality of life is denigrated not advanced. Recycling, upcycling, call it what you like isn’t necessary or desirable. Using someone else’s cast off’s, their old energy – no thanks. Being green was a good ideology not wanting to damage the planet but it doesn’t go anywhere near far enough and seems stuck recycling old ideas. Technology is not always bad and can be a way to advance.

There is technology working now that will make both waste and recycling obsolete. We don’t have it yet because it has been hidden from us. The wealthy elite or rather their inner circle use it all the time. Rather than waste resources recycling or reducing pollution, petition to have replication technology released. It will remove a plethora of problems and make manufacturing, agriculture, transport and many other industries completely obsolete. It will also remove all waste and any need for money. When you can create or remove anything using energy that’s limitless and free who needs it.

You probably see my problem. I am either bonkers or too far ahead of the game. I don’t fit – at the moment.

Isn’t that what they do to jam?
They put it into a stable but fixed state. Life is constantly changing. What we need is stewardship, to care for our planet and allow her to balance herself. We shouldn’t try to keep her as she is but let her change and grow naturally. She is evolving too. She is becoming a more friendly place to be.

To let her do that we need to remove some of her constraints. Electricity for instance. The 50/60 AC cycle pollutant that is everywhere and shackles her inside uncomfortable magnetic fields. There are alternatives. Using them will not just reduce pollution but remove most of it. Fossil fuels are totally unnecessary, we all know that. They are only used to make us pay. The same applies to mains AC current and batteries. They are the catch 22 of our lifestyle. There are plenty of free energy devices that work. Tesla could send power through the air but it could not be metered which is why it isn’t being used. There is no need for expensive alternative energy. Electric cars that use electricity made by conventional power stations. Yet another short sighted advance. Their batteries are definitely not life supporting and have very short lifespans. Don’t even get me started on solar panels.


We take on so much of what we are told without question. Co2 emissions are dangerous and need to be reduced for instance.

Co2 promotes plant growth which emit more oxygen as they absorb it. Even now Co2 is very small not even a point percentage. It is less than 0.0 4% of the atmosphere. Changes in temperature is the province of the sun. Co2 has been rising by small amounts for many years due to industrial pollution but air temperatures long ago stopped reflecting any direct relationship. If it did we would have fried. Solar emissions account for temperature fluctuations which effect all the planets not just ours. Other emissions like sulphur and CO are far more hazardous. They hardly get a look in with the fake climate change Co2 debate taking centre stage. This is yet another diversionary tactic to control us and provide revenue. If you want a scientific view try here. Scroll down to the last video and watch it. I like Ben. He knows how to talk to sceptics and is good at reprogramming. He has far more patients that me.

I find it difficult to air my views because it always causes controversy.

Vote or you wont have a say.
Actually you don’t have a say if you do. You are giving the corrupt system your tacit approval. I know from direct experience that all governments are not just corrupt but are totally corrupt. I have interacted with a government minister who was solidly owned by a big corporate. It wasn’t even hidden and is that blatant. We freaked him out by challenging the system and made him very nervous. He put off spending millions for six months because of us. A shallow victory perhaps. He was not the problem but the system he works in is. Let’s remove it. It doesn’t need to be a battle. We can do it by stealth all you need do is meditate and change the collective energy of the planet. Perhaps not all but it’s a great start. I’ll let you into a secret we and there are quite a few of us, have been doing that for over forty years and it’s starting to work. Expect huge changes soon.

We evolved from primitive ancestors who lived in caves.
No we came from the stars and rode star ships. We have been grossly misled. We were intentionally reduced by dark beings who wanted a servile slave race. We are remembering some of that now and will soon be given back our full memories and our powers. We are godlike angelic light beings. I can’t wait and am busy rebuilding myself as fast as I can.

AI’s are taking over.

Extremely powerful AI’s have been running money for years, the stock exchange, money markets all the financial rubbish. They run most of the old world order. There not very smart and cannot compete with a human brain. They are running programs written by limited conscious beings. They are capable of very large numbers of calculation but aren’t very bright. Compared to what even a limited conscious human can do they aren’t really a big problem. The fear of them is. That fear is being exacerbated at the moment. You can do something about that.

They really aren’t much of a problem and will soon be turned off. A benign virus software has been introduced and this will be turned on when appropriate. I can interact with them and do occasionally so do other people I know. It’s fun to stick a spanner in their works  by changing their objectives. The powers that were don’t like that at all. It terrifies them when they loose control. They lash out which means it isn’t a good idea unless you can do it without them noticing. I know several ways to do that. I play around. I get hurt sometimes when they finally figure it out which can take them a long time.

This is my blog and I say what I like. Like most Light Workers I am constantly attacked but I am still here – just. Our situation is not dire or bleak we are winning and getting nearer every day. My views may be difficult at the moment but hopefully you will remember them when the world eventually catches up. I think you did but I’m probably somewhere else by then.


So that was me in my past. Uncomfortable for you. Yes

Meet the next step.

Explanation is a trap for the unwary. It reduces your awareness to a two dimensional way of thinking – duality. Fortunately the mind can be expanded. Actually it already is. All you need do is occupy it.

We are star beings, wondrous angelic beings of light with unlimited potential, we can do anything. I chose to be here now as an example. An example like we all are – someone who forgot but….

….now I remember or am remembering. I will recap this exploration for those who haven’t read it. I have also added a few insights to make it clearer.

I have discovered the Divine Feminine energy that is pouring in feels outside and up. To become part of it, I usually close my eyes and reach up. My focus is above my head towards the galactic centre. It doesn’t matter in what direction that is. It’s the intention that counts. Once contacted it pours in and I glow with it, I become part of it. It always works. We each have a connection to the Divine Mother. All you need do is feel it. It is omnipresent but personal. Her love generates bliss.

I am used to contacting Mother Earth but haven’t done so for a while, I haven’t felt a need, She is always with me. In the light of this new energy I thought I would see how she is. That was interesting because when I reached to communicate with her all I got was the Divine Feminine. She is becoming that. Like us she is changing.

I was thinking about this and thought yes, although I can become part of it and the energy rushes in, it isn’t me. I thought I would go inside myself and see who I Am. The obvious place to look was in my heart.

With a very clear focus I did that and discovered a series of Buddhas  (me seated in lotus) one inside the other, like Russian dolls. It was a masculine wholeness that is totally me and a very pleasant experience but not easy to put into words. I am much younger or perhaps vibrant might be a better word, made of light with no imperfections. The me that is in this body is very strong, invincible and whole.

Each of the three is doing something, I wondered what and asked, I was told:

The innermost is experiencing the whole of creation, every tiny and huge part of it.

The first is experiencing himself as a part of all of creation.

The middle one is experiencing the other two.

This core of your being is experiencing an infinite moment that is constantly changing but always the same. It appears static but there is more…. so much more.

This is not something I have been taught. I no longer have a teacher I follow my own inner promptings.

Having discovered my own true identity, what I call the Buddha inside, the next trick is how to express it or release it as a higher level experience. To do that require letting go of the fabrication we all are. The layers of illusion that surround us. Our memories, our personal identity, what we think of as self, even our bodies is only a mirage. You don’t let go of who you are just the imperfections which you aren’t. I have always felt the who that I am and people feel it when they try to dominate or move me to do their will. That isn’t possible.

It has been said that I am stubborn, that my ego gets in the way. It is not my ego, that wont budge but that I have always felt the connection to the vastness of who I Am. I feel my Higher Aspect.

Some might retort that this is just ego. Ego, even the small self, is valuable it is partly what defines us but I Am not a mouse at this level, I Am an elephant. I can’t be shoved about. I don’t have to prove it or defend myself, this is who I Am. I know it. I am comfortable and am happy for anyone to question it. It makes no difference to me.

What I find interesting is learning how to bring out what I have found. To Be me. The light being I perceived seated in lotus radiating truth and Love – the nature of the Divine – is part of the Love expressed. That is who you are too, you have only to look and you will find this.

We are somehow compressed into a solid form but focused might be a better word. Our 3D body is a marvellous vehicle and quite capable of experiencing the breadth of all of creation. What an incredible thing. It also reflects who we are to a certain extent. How much is determined by the filter we put in between. That is manufactured by how we think.

The daily play we entertain is designed for us to express who we are but has been compromised. We aren’t restricted at all, we just think we are. Perhaps that is why meditation works so well. We don’t think and become One – that is our true nature.