The Hu man body

The human body is a wonderful thing. It has the potential to experience all of creation. If you only look at the physical level it’s a magnificent vehicle but nothing indicates it’s full potential.

The dark beings who chose our bodies as a vessel for their slave race could also inhabit it.  They are very clever and also powerful but aren’t particularly perceptive in anything but the lower levels. They can exist in a human body and hide among us but they didn’t create it. The dark doesn’t work like that, they have no creativity. All they do is adapt something somebody else has made and fit it to the parameters of what they want.

In the case of the human body they had no idea what it could really do. They could only see the obvious. It’s physical potential appeared to do what they wanted and they messed with the DNA a bit to reduce it. They didn’t realise that it was able to accommodate a very high level of awareness.

The beings that made it understood the many different levels of creation. What they made has almost infinite potential. That was written into the code – the DNA. It’s still there.

It was a bit like somebody who wanted a car, a practical every day vehicle. They looked around and deciding OK that one will do we can put in a limiter so it wont drive that fast. We can leave it off for the ones we use ourselves. We will keep a better version –  a refined blood line. Thing was it may have been a simple looking thing but was actually not just a car it was also a flying saucer.

Our human body can and does reach very high levels of awareness. The dark have discovered to their horror that highly evolved beings are able to use it. They drop in unannounced. That had a profound effect on them. We are the combined consciousness of all of us. The stunted humans started to evolve and so did the dark beings, they could not stop it. It is the nature of the body they inhabit. I find that very funny.

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