The Intelligent Universe

Everything in all of creation is intelligent and we are able to interact. This communication is dependant on our personal awareness but we all have this potential.

Alternative researchers are trying to define our reality, the mainstream lags behind. As our collective consciousness expands we are able to review our position. Unfortunately most base their theories on observation, our circumstance and what they learn from others. Intelligent people are working on the premise that everything we have been told so far is a lie. They question everything but the dark works with half truths, some of the information may be correct. That makes it much harder.

It is fantastic that everything is being questioned but most researchers still use a rather conventional approach. They detach, they try to be logical and analytical they try to explain…. using what they know. Even the magneticelectical universe gives only a small glimpse of the full picture. It is like looking at our body and trying to define it but ignoring that it is alive.


Their motivation is fine but they don’t take into account the very nature of creation; that it is intelligent. It has awareness. They explore the past and look to the future but discount this basic precept that all of creation is aware. They look at things in a conventional way and therefore will only get a conventional answer. That won’t satisfy because creation is not a machine, it is a living being. They don’t or wont take an esoteric approach because it falls outside of their experience. They don’t trust this approach but both could be used together. The best of both has distinct advantages.

God if you want to use that word can be contacted, we can interact. Every single person can do that but not by using drugs. They may change your awareness but only temporarily and is only a partial view at best. Expanding your awareness naturally will enable you to live it permanently. It is not an experience that can be defined, it is a mystery. It is mystical because in order to do it you need to abandon everything you know, to be completely open and receptive. Only then can you fully comprehend what you experience. That will always be totally subjective. When done by more than one person a general experience can be interpreted.

In this lifetime I have learned from direct experience that creation can be examined at all sorts of levels. It is vast but we are designed to do that. We have abilities way beyond anything we know. I can focus my attention in vastly different ways. I am not any different from anybody else. I have just cultivated these abilities. I buck all trends, but that is my nature, it is innate. I have done this before, it is something that I know. I have cultivated my skills through many lifetimes.

Like many others I learned about Royal Rife but have also participated in frequency based healing. We went way further than he did. It really works. We have killed pathogens and altered many of the unsavoury things that have been thrown at us. That includes some very nasty chemicals. They can be transformed by changing their vibration. Ideas can projected that will make you very ill, we called them holographic disease, they are nasty but have no real substance, they are just a projection. When you cannot detect something it is hard to counteract but we did, we had to because we were being effected. The cure is very simple. All you need do is convince your body that nothing is effecting it. It goes instantly.

All of this nonsense is easy to remove once you identify the problem, no technology is required. Our human awareness can do this all by itself. It isn’t hard but requires a very clear and pure intention, a benign and specific focus.

My role in these projects was to empathise with creation and find our direction, to decide what needed to be done. I used my intuition to look at where we are in the big picture. That is my speciality. The others I work with do other things, we work together. It has also been taught, anyone can learn. That only requires practice and a little dedication.

I have been out into space. I did this with my awareness but was also taken there by Mother Earth. I have travelled into a black hole, I was curious what it was. It was dark and I was frightened of it at first. I decided to confront this fear by exploring what it was. It wasn’t very interesting.

I have spoken with other planets other than the Earth. I really liked them. They all had a spherical appearance and were very loving and were both male and female, unlike our sun who is a very high being and is beyond gender. If you read my blog you will know that is a recent discovery.

I have spoken to rocks and standing stones. They told me they exist in multiple dimensions. They speak like we do but project awareness too. We see them as static object but they are definitely not boring. They don’t move about but can experience many places simultaneously. They showed me directly what that was like. I found this was very beautiful. It may be uncommon to be able to communicate at the moment but this can be done. It might be useful for those researchers who examine standing stones to talk to them. They are very intelligent and hold information. They are still connected to source and think of themselves as One.

Most ancient artefacts can communicate but people seldom if ever think to do that. Those that do are often dismissed. I understand because these people can often be rather unstable. It’s not easy to be that sensitive. You need to be very balanced which at the moment is rather hard. There is plenty of interference that needs to be overcome. What is communicated is also dependant on the person receiving; on their awareness, how they are at that point in time. It is a telepathic link but is subject to interpretation. We colour things with our experience especially when discovering something new. It is subjective and the knowledge you gain is specific to you.

There is a vast intelligent reality that encompasses everything. It was created intelligently. It didn’t just happen in a big bang. It follows then that it was created by someone vastly intelligent. I have met a few of these beings and so have others that I know. It is not a common experience – not yet. It will become more common. My understanding of their activities is very small but I have enough of a view to comprehend the vastness of what they do. I can only say this to you. I cannot prove it but you could experience it too. We are all able.

The nature of those realities we interact with is very much dependant on how much we can absorb. Our intelligence, our preconceptions can get in the way. Removing what we think we know is necessary in order that we grow. We need plenty of room for all this new information. It gets complicated because when you do that to a certain extent you also create it.

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