The Magic of Trees

A tree is a truly marvellous Being.
Did you know that part of their function is to remove negativity?
There is much more to a tree than just the obvious.

They transmute energy and not just by photosynthesis.
They provide the oxygen we breathe but that is only a very small part of what they do.

Trees can heal. There are plenty of examples of enlightened masters transmuting illness via trees. I remember one book describing how a great Indian Master took small pox from a young boy into his own body. He showed the symptoms then he walked outside and put his hands on a tree. The illness travelled into the tree and the small pox blemishes appeared on the trunk then gradually faded away.

Trees can also be guardians, they protect. There is a community not far from me who made the mistake of cutting down their ancient guardian tree. They were flooded out not long afterwards. A guardian tree is an evolved Being. They are vital to Mother Earth but helping us also puts them into Divine service which enhances their evolution. We should respect them and honour their beneficence.

Trees can and do take on enormous amounts of negativity. I once met a lady who had been very active Christian Fundamentalist. Like most religions hers had been infiltrated by dark forces and had a hidden negative agenda. After many years of involvement this bright Being walked away and transformed herself and she is now a very active healer. She takes on anything including the aftermath of genocide. When she was in her church she had made a subtle connection to every person she met. She had a thread that connected her to each individual and it was weighing her down rather heavily. She is a powerful Being but had enough of a load to carry and didn’t need it. I felt an intuition to take the burden from her. I asked her first and she agreed to let me take it. She felt an immediate release.

Shortly afterwards I felt guided to take this burden to a Redwood grove not far from where I live. I gave the threads to the trees and sat with them. I felt them pulling out the negative energy from each individual. That happened very quickly. The Redwoods then started to feed each person with bright golden energy and continue to do so to this day. It will help lighten their load.

At the moment our world is in turmoil. The massive energies that are pouring in to all of us including Mother Earth are causing changes at every level. Change can be somewhat uncomfortable at a personal level and remaining calm and centred can be a challenge. All plants transmute dissonant energy but trees do it big time. If you are uncomfortable at the moment then go visit the trees. Spend time in a forest or with a single tree. They are ever willing to help you.

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