The mythos of the Warrior

The culture we inhabit has been cultivated by the dark it has its values. We look up to the warrior but…. none of the great teachers ever promoted anything but love.

I don’t like to cogitate, I like things clear and simple. It saves a lot of long winded explanation. This came today but has been building, be warned it may make you uncomfortable. That is a good thing.

We are used to the hero trip, it is a part of the dark’s programming. We are encouraged to be warriors. The tougher, the more powerful you are, the better. All the latest computer games and movies praise the warrior, usually a super hero and mostly male although even women are getting muscled these days. They have lost their femininity and kick butt. All heroes are portrayed as flawed which makes them human.

All total bullshit.

A real hero is one who doesn’t need to fight. They win before they start. They use no weapons. Even the word warrior comes from war. If you have ever been in one you know it isn’t fair or just. It’s not a pleasant experience. No one ever wins. It is the dark’s favourite solution to all its problems.

I have declared all along that I am a person of peace. I am also a light worker. I engage the dark in any way I am guided, not to kill or damage but to remove the influence, to release and change the energy. It can be very difficult but is never at the expense of others. It is always for the whole, the oneness that we all are.

OK that said and you are still reading what do we replace the warrior with?

A Light warrior is something else entirely. They transcend the concept completely. I wont go there this time.

The energy of the moment is the DIVINE FEMININE.

The grace and love we all are is manifesting and replacing the darkness. We are united in this love. It is not female. Gender is not what this is about, it is a pure energy. It has feminine qualities but is a power that applies equally to men and women. The inequality of the sexes is of the past and has nothing to do with love. You don’t need to remove it. If you embrace the Divine Feminine you become united automatically. Simply call it in and open to it. The power is yours for the asking.

The Divine Feminine is not something to think, it is not about the head. You can’t explain it. It is of the heart. With it the heart is massively expanded. Expressing this to others expands all those you come in contact with, love grows.

Together we become invincible without the need to fight. Anything that is out of balance disappears because it is no longer part of the co-created reality we make together. That is what is happening.

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