The other way

There are many minutia in the 3D world that people claim are importance for our growth, understanding even our wakefulness. Actually that’s all bullshit. Our focus is what changes things not how much we know.

Even more exciting is that you don’t need to be clever, informed or aware. You only need to be in tune with Source and the directions it is going. If you can hold a clear focus of what feels right for our world you are doing far more than the most brilliant and insightful pundit. Knowing doesn’t always speed things up it but can complicate the process.

All they are doing is making people aware of the bad stuff, what has been going on. The value of that is debatable. Logic and critical thinking are processes favoured by the dark. They encourages passive behaviour as you wait for something to happen. It seldom does. My group first spoke of the coming event with St Germain in 2002. What are we waiting for? Lets trigger it now. Do that by feeling it unfold perfectly.

You don’t need to wait when you can feel what’s right.  Holding a bright awareness gets things done and what is wonderful is that it does that very fast and with almost no effort. The more people who are tuned to an easy effortless solution the quicker that will happen.

To move forwards to the exciting bit requires a sense of wonder and the ability to work together not to point fingers and dissect the past. It doesn’t mean ignore it but to let things resolve themselves naturally. It has to but doesn’t need to be an effort on your part.

For example: There are wealthy people who think they can escape justice in America by fleeing to New Zealand. Most of them have settled in big properties that are on the major fault line. Talk about frying pan to fire. It would be very funny if it wasn’t. It’s a small place and people here know exactly where they are. They’re in a very vulnerable position. Even a small earthquake is hard to ignore but we sometimes get the odd big one. The last was a 7.8. Mother Earth is powerful and is in charge.

All is coming together exactly as it should. Our role is to attune to it because that helps manifest it into play. We need to avoid being directed another way. We are in control but need to exert that and do it consciously with compassion and without fear.

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