The Power of us

It’s interesting to see the implosion that is Hollywood. It reflects the Dark’s demise. Stories that once inspired are desecrated with impunity in a constant repetition, an attempt to regain control. Writing a new timeline but unfortunately for them that doesn’t work. His story –  is nearly always just fiction. News is much the same, I check in once in a while to see how things are progressing. Still a mess, mostly not worth reading.

I read something supposedly the history of the Knight Templar. How boring, it was a subjugated propaganda trying to dismiss them as unimportant. They have been around for thousands of years not just since the crusades. I have met a few and they are powerful beings. The Round Table was a group of Templars. They are still very busy even now. The ones I met where very old and had been working all their lives for the greater good. Wise men but not really warriors in the conventional sense. They were very serious about their roles. They do interesting things.

One seeded all the rivers going to their sources then added a potent herbal brew that purified the water all the way down. A kind of homeopathy for rivers. No real content that could be measured just a potent energy something passed down for generations for which he had the formula. Magic if you like. He’d been doing it for many years. Quietly and calmly with no fuss. He could also effect the land, cleaning up the mess and increasing yields for crops enormously, stuff like that.

There are very many people like them everywhere doing a little but effecting a lot. He’s probably dead now because their job is done. I met them a long time ago. Added all together it has built the change we are experiencing. Not all of the dark deeds have been effective. Most of them have not. We are still here which is amazing when you know how hard they have tried to kill us. We are still going up beyond the limits they have set us. That has been decided – mainly by our endeavours.

The recent chem trails had some rather nasty bacteria in them. Anything like that is very easy to counter. I appear to be a barometer and it effects me very strongly. It’s how we find out there is something that needs to be done. When I fall over we have a look. Vibrate it at the right frequency and bacteria shakes apart – like a soprano destroying a wine glass. The correct frequency kills it. It only took about half an hour and I was back to normal. The right frequency is easy to find when you know how. Transmit it globally and you can destroy the stock pile no matter where it is. That’s actually easy and fun to do. Not good to advertise perhaps but it’s too late for them to counteract. There are very many people doing things like this all around our world. On it and off it our vibration is going up.

I share this so you know. Not all is gloom and doom. Most of the dark influence is impotent and being counteracted even by us ignorant, half asleep humans. The media even alternative media will perhaps tell you otherwise. They squabble with each other about pointless things. Things that really wont and don’t matter. There is still fear even in supposedly positive sites. There is danger and drama everywhere at the mundane and even higher levels but go up a little and there is the wonder of the Divine Feminine which is starting to influence all of us and slowly peculating down. My emotional body is nothing but this new energy, I can tap into it any time I like. Zap! it removes all obstacles and puts me into bliss. It comes out all the time but only when it’s appropriate. It is not a conscious experience.

The squabbling over truth you see is childish but perhaps necessary. Reason no longer rules that is the past. Now is the time of the heart – of feeling. We create our future with it to some extent, what we want it to be – the how long it takes is up to us. The past is still hidden and is going to be revealed but not until we are aware enough to comprehend it. We all have an awareness of truth, it’s built into us and we only need to find it. Do that first.

The old black octopus dropped by again recently. Not much left now just its eyes and little of the head. He drops in to glare. A bit annoying because it is still a potent being and unsettling but disappearing fast. It’s controllers tried to engage me, using others to interact with me to find out how this is happening. Stuff like that just happens, I may play a part. I guess I will find out eventually.

Inside, things are rather more delightful. After my last post my phone was dead, it turned off and stopped working for a few days. No power the battery was completely gone. I use it as a hot spot and is my only link out. I am somewhat remote. Without it on, I felt no real problem, I had some very powerful meditations. I fixed it eventually with just a thought, I told it it was time to work again and it did. I wasn’t in a hurry to do that. It afforded me an opportunity to be without it’s influence. I can manage it’s malign broadcasts but that takes energy. I was pleasant to have it off.

We are all capable of anything. When we all know this all the play acting will just stop.

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