The Rabbit hole

Well it is certainly getting interesting.

I was cut off from the rest of the world not long ago when the only road in over the mountains was washed away by sixteen big slips. But as one local said we’re not cut off it’s the people outside who can’t get here. It happens occasionally. I only venture over the mountains every few years anyway.

I have also been attacked as anybody of the light will have experienced. Insomnia is a common problem. What I was hit with has immobilized me for over a week now. There are all sorts of dark projections that they are trying to prevent the dark’s demise. Some are very nasty and are designed to hit the sensitive.

Don’t worry it wont be long now. Like the media which is locking down, such actions are only going to hasten things along. I can’t walk at the moment but I can still be who I am. Once I figured out what is happening I started to see if I could help, to speed things up.

The purpose of this post is to reassure you things are going well especially if everything is very difficult for you at the moment.

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