The Sun

Science or rather those that influence us through science have not wanted us to know just how alive and vibrant our universe is. Our planet is a living breathing Being but so is our Sun.

Her role is that of Father/Mother to all the planets which are also alive. This is a concept that native peoples talk about but is not very scientific and therefore has been rejected by most so called ‘civilised’ people. I am not a big fan of blind faith, the mumbo jumbo of ritual or trance. I always want my own direct experiences, clear and precise and definitely not influenced by drugs.

I have been very fortunate in that I have been blessed with some interaction with Mother Earth which I have written about on this blog. I know She is alive and a vast benign Being of Light. I have also interacted with some of the Beings who created the body she inhabits. They taught a little about the different energies that sustain life here in this reality. Like us, our Planet, Mother Earth, Gaia however you name her is a Being and not just her physical habitation. That is also true of our Sun.

I have tried to contact the Sun directly but without any success so far ( I did get an answer but it took three years see floating in light). The sun is a huge physical presence and dominates our world and is constant and always benign. The Sun is also a portal to higher planes of existence. On the videos of different wavelengths that record her ships are occasionally seen. They are huge, planet sized. The video link usually drops when they appear. Our oppressors don’t want us to know we are not alone.

I had to laugh today when I noticed a mainstream propaganda article taking about a new weather monitoring system designed to monitor our sun’s disruptive effects on Earth. Our Sun is always of benefit and reflects light from the source of all that is. We live partly because of the suns energy. It is a bit late but those who were in control are trying to take attention away from what a lot of scientist are starting to talk about.

You may have noticed that I am promoting a YouTube channel that is a scientific look at what influence our star has here on the Earth. People in the scientific community are starting to speak out against the propaganda machine and have noticed through their observations that the sun has a very strong influence not just on our weather but also on volcanos and the size and location of earthquakes. Solar weather defines our climate and very many aspects of our reality.

Scientist have even recorded conversations between the Sun and Jupiter. Yes that is a scientific fact. Regular transmissions between them have been noticed if not understood. Scientist are not usually very imaginative people, that trait is trained out of them, but even they admit this is what appears to be happening. Powerful transmissions are passing back and forth between them.

This is not really surprising because all of creation stems from the same place. The Sun is receiving energy as well as transmitting it. Her energies are coming from the Source of all that is. Some people refer to this as the Galactic Central Sun. He is at the centre of our galaxy but actually that is only part of the story. That is only the transmission point for higher frequency energies that percolate into our universe from much higher expressions of Light.

We, each one of us, have a direct connection to the Source of all that is. We only have to find it within our Selves. That can be done relatively easily through meditation. There are other methods but that is probably the easiest.

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