Time travel

Part of the agreement we made before coming to this place was that we forget most of our abilities. That does not mean that we don’t still have them.

We get up, we do stuff, we go to bed… we see ourselves as stuck in linear time. This is an illusion. Our awareness is not restricted at all. All time is NOW.

In 2005  I found myself at the end of an adventure. It had been a very wild ride but it left me with enough money that if I lived simply I didn’t have to work any more. Two huge projects I had been working on, one commercial the other spiritual had both terminated suddenly before they completed. I was rather sad about losing both. I sold the big property I had bought but could no longer afford and that gave me enough to get by. I had been working very hard for a long time and was determined to have some fun.

Following guidance I bought a cosy little house on the edge of Bodmin Moor in the south west of England.  I didn’t want to buy another house but I was told I needed to have a place to come home to. Once that was sorted I flew to Phoenix in the USA. I spent a month in Sedona just as an appetizer and a rest. It had a whole series of synchronistic adventures there. When I eventually got back home I started to look for where to go next. I looked at Egypt, not the holiday brochure stuff but the wild out in the desert living in tents with the Bedouin adventures. I almost bought a plane ticket but something just didn’t feel right. I had spent mid summer in the heat of Arizona and although I enjoyed it I didn’t want to do that again for a while. I had suffered bad dehydration when I walked just a bit too far one day and ran out of water. I was very wary of doing that again, rightly so as it turned out. I let it pass and spent the rest of the English summer visiting stone circles instead.


As the days got colder I started looking at the southern hemisphere. I don’t like winter much and realized that actually I could give this one a miss. I bought a flight to Singapore and planned to wing it once I got there and see where I ended up. I intended to be away for at least six months. I set off towards the end of November but didn’t even make it to the airport. I got very ill on the way and spent two weeks in hospital instead. I had two operations. The first to bi-pass a kidney then another a few weeks later to take the bi-pass out. The whole experience was very painful and stressed my heart so that one chamber, the largest, stopped working. My heart eventually stopped altogether one morning. I was woken up from a deep sleep by a voice that told me, ‘You’re dying.’
What can you say to that?
I just said ‘thank you’ and went with the experience. I was out of my body and moving away from it. Things were just getting interesting when suddenly I was back. My heart had restarted.

I got up and went through my normal morning routine of yoga and meditation. I did mention it to my doctor the next day – sort of in passing. She looked at me with horror blinking for a while. I have noticed I sometimes have that effect on people. Dying is easy, not painful and from what I experienced a completely effortless, automatic process.

When I went back to hospital for the second operation I was rather apprehensive to put it mildly. The first experience had been very traumatic. I was seriously ill and uncomfortable. It was therefore a big surprise when I woke after the second operation to find myself in bliss.

I had driven myself to the hospital which was over two hundred miles from my home, Bodmin moor where I lived is rather remote. I had the operation at about eleven the next morning and the surgeon came to see me around four o’clock that afternoon. She said everything was fine and that if I had someone to take me home I could go. It was Christmas Eve and there was no way I wanted to stay there in hospital until after New Year which was the alternative. The surgeon wasn’t due back until then and only she could discharge me.

I told her yes I had someone who could take me home and yes someone would be there to look after me when I got there.

I took it easy and was still in bliss when I pulled into my driveway at around midnight. It had just started snowing. The next day I woke to find I was snowed in. If I hadn’t driven home when I did I would never have made it back. The bliss wore off about mid afternoon on Christmas day, ouch…

Now what has any of this got to do with time travel?

Well it was a long time later when I found out who it was that woke me up to tell me I was dying and also why I was in bliss after the operation.
Both incidences involved time travel.

Fast forwards a few weeks. I met my last partner, Coletta, online at a spiritual website. She made the mistake of emailing me after something I wrote struck a chord. I had been home from hospital for a couple of weeks and was still very ill. I had asked for help but none of my guides or Masters seemed to be around. There seemed to be just me…

Eventually I pulled myself together and I decided to take full responsibility for how I felt and wrote it down as a way of solidifying it for myself. I liked what I had written and posted it to the website I had been writing on. This is what Coletta read.

You cannot buy good health. It is not for sale. It is Your Own responsibility. Own it. There are no shortcuts, take responsibility for your state of Being. You have the ability to change anything – do it one small step or one huge leap at a time, doesn’t matter which.  What you need to work on first is whatever you are most afraid of.

Coletta lived in California. We started communicating in late January and were soon speaking for hours on the phone. She was a healer.
I asked and was given help. You never know the how or when.

One of her modalities was a time displacement therapy for trauma. That involves taking the patient back in time and resolving issues at the moment it happened. We had done some of this together when she was working on me. She cured my heart problem over the phone. That caused power cuts and huge thunder storms both times she did the process. Fun stuff.

Who woke me up?

A few years ago when I was doing a lot of of time line jumping, the information suddenly came to me that I must have gone back to the dying me and woken myself up. The jolt of being woken up restarted my heart and brought me back into my body. When I cognised this I went back and did it.

Why was I in bliss when I came out of the operation?
A few months after it happened, Coletta and I decided to go back together to the unconscious me to help me through the experience. I introduced her to the then unconscious me and explained who she was. That put a smile on my face…

These two simple examples should give you the idea of how powerful this simple exercise can be.  It’s very very simple – you sit quietly, will to go when you want and it happens. It’s actually very easy, no big deal as long as you don’t think about it.

Thinking engages the wrong part of your brain – just do it. Never limit yourSelf.

There is no time you can’t go to. 
If you have unresolved issues you can go back and help yourself to solve them. You need to allow the experience of the trauma to happen but can hold and support your old self through it. The trauma is usually greatly reduced by doing that.

A quick word about timelines. We are all converging to a single timeline so timelines don’t really have the importance that they once had.

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