We all live in multi dimensions. We inhabit several places but we hardly notice. If you think that sounds crazy tell me where you go when you’re asleep or dreaming? You aren’t simply unconscious. We go other places. You may not remember but you then you might.

I don’t particularly want to go into the multi dimensional you, I don’t know enough about it but I want to share one of the things I can do. We are in several dimensions at once but all time is now too. We can use that. Time is very flexible.

I first discovered this a while ago and have talked about it before. We can detach a part of our awareness. Leave part of ourSelf doing something. I discovered this because I’m lazy. It is a very useful attribute. Lazy people find the short cuts, easy ways to do things.

Anyway I was doing some hands on healing on my partner of the time. I needed to hold my hand on her back and pour in energy for quite a while but couldn’t be bothered to stay there. I left my hand or the idea of it and walked away. You could say I split my self. Part of me was still there holding my hand in position while the greater part of me went and sat down. My partner was shocked when I walked into her line of sight because she could still feel my hand on her back.

I’m not really sure which body was doing it, we have five, but I may have created a new one, well a hand anyway. It was doing its thing quite happily without me but the important bit is that it was doing it at the same time. We can do that. There are many stories of masters who could do this and we are all masters. Masters in the sense that we have many advanced abilities. We don’t tend to use them because we have forgotten who we are. All I’m doing is reminding you.

After that first incidence I have done this several times. I once left myself meditating forever, I think I still am. I’m not sure because I rejoin myself when I do. It was just an idea that I had when I was meditating and didn’t want to stop but had to get up. I did it again the other day. I became the huge light being I really am and did something. I lit up and reached out to join all the others like me but decided to leave myself doing that. I have done this several times before when I go into a higher awareness. My higher self is doing lots of things at the same time. i, my small self that lives here, can do this too. We all have free will and can use it any way we want.

Time is all happening now. It is. That means you can do anything with it. Anything you like.

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