Truth seeking is fundamental to who and what we are.
But what Truth?
Truth changes and evolves as we do.

The hippies of the sixties found the ideology of their eighties teens just as repellent as did their own parents. None of them are more right or wrong they simply have a different point of view.

What resonates with us depends on our own journey through life and our particular soul group. This has nothing to do with age or gender. Ideas can be radically different.

Our truths are usually initiated by the popular culture we choose to join as we start to mature. You could say it is even a fashion statement and like fashion it changes over time.

The dogma we bought into at first was probably one acceptable to our peers. But that was simply an opinion – a truth rather than the truth.

Even saying this makes my opinion an emotive issue because labelling someone else’s truth a dogma might be construed a challenge.

This is intentional because it is the emotion we ascribe to what we believe that is the important part. How it feels to us.

Paradoxically being willing to surrender one’s truth is the best way to find it.

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