Even Christians were good guys when they started. They had this peace and love thing going. Now I think I’ve I heard that before?

We were well into that in the late sixties but like the Christians in their time for some reason the establishment didn’t like us and felt threatened. That created them and us. We were divided.

Perhaps the “them” wasn’t quite as obvious as we thought it was at the time. It took another twenty or thirty years to uncover “them”. Our intention was to break up a rigid structure and cause a change for the better. Our revolt was unified, we did it naturally. It was innate. We started it and it is really happening now. It has taken a lifetime but it worked. The “them” has tried many ways to divide us. It’s easy to become separated from each other. All the major religions, cults and whatever do it and I’m not leaving out the Buddhists. I want to be inclusive. If you aren’t giving me loving thoughts for writing that then have a look at how you operate. How we see what is around us is still very much coloured and governed by “them”. They infiltrate everything because they created all of it. It is very polarised.

What we have uncovered is far more hideous than our innocent young selves could ever envisage. The journey has made us tough and very powerful. We always were, we just needed to discover that. That the majority of “them” are not even of this dimension was a surprise but we are onto “them” now and they are in decline.

I had an experience the other night; I wrote something which happened – again.

To best understand it I will give you a section taken from a new book Expect Flying Mermaids.


Aid appeared suddenly in the studio wanting to talk to Dean and Ginny.

‘You two have a job to do,’ he told them. ‘You are going to be bait to pull in the rest of the group who caused all the nonsense the other day.’

‘That sounds ominous,’ Ginny commented.

‘Bait?’ Dean queried.

‘Yes. You seem good at upsetting these beings and when they loose control they behave foolishly. and do stupid things That should enables us to arrest them. You Dean seem to have a particular knack for it.’

‘What did you want us to do?’

‘Well there are rules and normally we can’t interfere. You are indigenous to this planet and can ignore them. You have free will to do what you like. There is an element of risk but I’m sure you can handle it.’

‘So you want us to charge in and upset them and when they come tearing after us you arrest them.’ Dean said.

‘More or less.’

‘Don’t you think they will suspect something.’

‘That is why I need you both. We need to do them all at the same time.’

‘Aid there are only two of us.’ Dean told him.

‘Theoretically but we can make a few more of you by bending time a little.’

‘So you are going to duplicate us and send us into places you aren’t allowed to go and cause mayhem.’ Ginny said.


‘That sounds like fun.’

Dean laughed, ‘I guess you want us now then.’

‘Of course now. Come on.’ Aid walked into the wall and shrugging Ginny followed him.

Having multiples of himself was very bizarre. Dean looked down the row of him, looking down the row at him. It was like having a circular 3D mirror. He tried touching himself. It was weird he could feel it from both sides. The finger pressure and the poke both registered.

‘Stop playing and pay attention.’ Aid told him. ‘Now we have to make an adjustment to give each one of you some autonomy. It may feel a bit strange but don’t worry you can merge back to one again quite easily. We will keep one of you here just in case of accidents.

‘In case?’ All the Ginny’s enquired which sounded very odd.

‘Well it has happened on the odd occasion.’

‘That’s not very reassuring.’

Aid ignored her. ‘Hold still here we go.’

Dean felt a weird twist and was alone. He hadn’t even realized he had been connected to all the other hims.

The ones furthest away from me stay here and the rest of you come with me. Dean followed him into another room. He noticed he was on his own with Aid but hadn’t been aware of it happening.

‘Here is some background information.’

Dean suddenly knew all about a notorious club in Mayfair. It was pretty sordid. He was suddenly there in a room with a tall striking man who was seated at a desk. He glared at him through cold somewhat bloodshot eyes.

‘If you are who I think you are I suggest you leave quickly. You can’t touch me and if you’re quick enough you might even live.’

Dean thought it and the man’s clothes disappeared.

The man looked down but seemed unmoved and his clothes reappeared again. ‘Is that all you can manage? Do I get a trip to the desert too or am I going to have a cup of tea?’

Dean changed his very conservative Saville Row three piece to a rather glaring pink. The man looked down again but when he looked up he looked furious and extremely dangerous. He stood up and started towards Dean looking quite murderous. Dean suddenly found himself back in the room he had been assigned. The man followed closely behind him and let out a growl as a grid of shimmering light suddenly appeared all around him. His face slowly changed becoming more angular and he had sharp teeth that protruded over his lips.

‘Very clever little man but if you created it this device cannot hold me. Nothing you stupid humans have has enough power.’

He came towards Dean with his arms extended. His fingers now ended in rather nasty looking claws. The light seemed to repel him. He seemed shocked that it had stopped him and growled and tried again much harder. This time the light seemed to really shock him and pushed him back until he nearly fell. He let out a roar and charged. The light knocked him out completely and he fell to the floor and remained there.’

A women in what Dean now knew was a ship suite came into the room. She beckoned to Dean who followed her back to the original room. He was a little shaken. The being appeared very violent and had projected a very nasty energy. All of his other selves were there or coming in. One of them had a nasty cut on his face but otherwise they all looked fine.

‘A good catch.’ Aid told them, ‘and only one casualty. ‘Not one of you. One of the creatures tried to explode his cage and managed rather spectacularly. He should recover but it may take a while. The Ginny with it was protected and removed automatically so no real harm done.’

‘Well it did singe my hair a bit.’ One of the Ginny’s commented touching her head and scowling.

Aid continued ignoring her, ‘These beings are not from Earth or anywhere near here. They will be removed back to where they come from once they have been given the opportunity to surrender. They never do but we have to give them the choice. The two of you have managed something that we have been working on for nearly a hundred years, well done.’

‘Well I didn’t really do anything,’ a Ginny said. ‘The man took a swipe at me as soon as I appeared. If you hadn’t pulled me back he would have probably have taken my face off. He seemed a bit deranged.’

‘Well no one likes being interrupted when they’re eating.’

‘Well I’m glad I didn’t get a good look at what he had on his plate, He had a lot of blood all over his face.’

‘They have very different values than we do and they like to eat their food when it’s still alive.’

‘Are there any more?’ Ginny asked sounding revolted.

‘No they are all accounted for. You can relax now. They are not the top of the food chain by any means but they are the highest that are manifest in the physical and their minions are easy enough to deal with once they’ve gone. They do have overlords who are a whole different set of problems but we can deal with them too.’

‘Well I’m glad you can handle that.’ Another Ginny said with feeling. Her dress has a long rip down one side but she didn’t look hurt.

All the Ginnys suddenly melted into one.

‘I will take Dean back you can get yourself there.’ Aid told her.

Dean watched as time seemed to slow done and his doubles became a part of him. It was a bit like watching an echo in a video that reassembled as one picture. He felt the mark on his face but it soon faded to almost nothing. He rubbed it absently as the memories of all the different incidents assembled themselves in his head. Aid walked towards the wall and he followed.

‘Pink didn’t really suite him. I’m not surprised he was angry.’ Aid said as they re-entered the studio.

‘It thought it matched his eyes.’ Dean said with a mischievous grin.

Aid smiled as he disappeared.


As I said I had this experience not exactly as I have written it but close enough to recognise where it came from. I was the bate. The being involved was very scary and an energy vampire. I still shake if I focus on him. Their minions are being arrested. What they have done is gradually disappearing but it’s still there for the moment. Booting it on its way requires focus. You need to see it.

I was in the market a while ago and watched the Jehova’s Witness stand for a while. It was almost as if it was invisible. The guy who runs it is a very nice man even if he is relentless. Over the last ten years or more I’ve answered the door to him in some very remote places. He’s old but must be pretty fit to get to some of them. Like the crazy lone cyclist you see almost anywhere, he just pops up. There is nowhere safe from him. I know he can’t read because I’ve seen him knocking at a house with a big NO Johova’s Witness sign. He must memorise all his spiel. People in the market totally ignored him. It was like he wasn’t there. Nobody ever made eye contact. It didn’t phase him at all. He’s very patient and knows what he’s doing. He has a mission. He knows things we don’t and has a job to do.

I have seen an Islamic man treated in exactly the same way. He was the accountant and book keeper for the garage I worked at on evenings and weekends when I was at school. I served the petrol and ran the till. It was quiet sometimes and we used to have some long discussions. He came to England from Pakistan as a missionary for a year. He was retired but fit and active and it was role for an older man, part of his religion. It was very rural and I think he was the only dark face for many miles around. He chose some funny places to stand and preach, the beach being probably one of the most inappropriate.

I had to tell the police I knew him and that he wasn’t an illegal immigrant. We were close to France and the local fisherman had this people smuggling thing going. They sometimes offloaded their cargo in shallow water if they were in danger of discovery. The beach was miles from anywhere and a bunch of damp Pakistanis with lots of baggage was a little unusual amongst the fields of sheep. The police gave my friend a ride home to his caravan at the back of the garage which saved him the bus fare. That pleased him. He was very economical. They were polite and didn’t carry guns which he found charming. After they had quizzed me and left I had to talk him down. The police he could handle but the nearly naked people on the beach really upset him.

Both these men were on hamster wheels. We can see that. They were following, doing what they had been told was right but we are very little different. The “them” are very good at division and diverting energy by polarising it. It is how we are controlled. Our thinking is strictly governed from our childhood. There are lots of ways to isolate without appearing to; women’s and men’s groups for instance.

The first place to look and deal with division is within your self.

I can now interact with the awareness of each of my different bodies. They each have an identity. It is an anomalous thing to do perhaps but I found it very revealing.

My physical body is male and likes to experience higher states of awareness. I have mentioned this before. It is happiest when in very high states of consciousness.

My mental body is also male but is dead or no longer functions. That may sound alarming but it simply isn’t there. My friends assure me that this is true. I don’t use my mental acuity I run exclusively on intuition. My computer skills are not intellectual and I can’t learn from a manual. I just do things. Perhaps it has moved up in frequency who knows.

My emotional body is female which was a surprise but is an embodiment of the Divine feminine and is a manifestation of light. Tuning into it is a very pleasant experience.

My energy body doesn’t have a gender it is not hermaphrodite either. It simply uses which ever energy is appropriate for the action it is going to perform.

The I that I Am is most potent but is not possible to define in this way. It comes in and does things and then it goes away. It is closer now than ever.

We are each defined like this but are also integrated. If any of our bodies is out of harmony with the others is causes great distress in our lives. As a collective that is also true. I am no longer interested in any truths that divide or separate only those things that bring us together. The power that is me is so potent that doing that is the greatest good I can achieve. This also applies to you.

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